Wanted: Hydrogen

Dead or Alive

Wanted For:

There is a great need for Hydrogen gas in the industry.

Hydrogen bonds are at work in our bodies.

Hydrogen fuels the sun.


Named after the Greek word for " water-forming".

Borh Diagram:

1 proton

0 Neutrons

1 Electron

Working Hydrogen:

This diagram shows how hydrogen fuels cells.

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Robert Boyle Was The First To Spot Hydrogen

Boyle was an Irish natural philosopher, chemist and inventor.

17th century pioneer of Chemistry.

He was born on Jan. 25, 1627 and died on Dec.31,1691.

First Arrest:

Robert Boyle discovered and described the reaction between iron fillings and dilute acids, which resulted in Hydrogen.

Last Seen:

Found in the sun.





Table Sugar

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrochloride Acid


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