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Gillian Typer

Aral Sea News

If you go anywhere today you will hear people talking about the Aral Sea, if you haven't here is whats going on. Once the fourth largest lake in the world. People have started to make canals in the rivers leading into the sea. Because of this habitats are beginning to disappear because of the canals and also from pesticides and fertilizers. You might eb wondering why it isn't refilling because most of central Russia is semiarid or arid meaning little to no rainfall.


Started in 1922 as a good idea but not so much anymore? The Soviet Union consists of Ukraine,Belarus,Transeaucasian Republics of Aremenia,Azerbaijan and Georgia.The Cold War caused the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R. to develop nuclear weapons then they went to war in Korea and Vietnam in the 50's.The Bolsheviks the ones that led the Russian Revolution believed that a Communist government was better. If you don't already know the U.S.S.R. is ran by a socialism government which is where a system controls the economy and a lot of people think that a communism government which is where one person the economy. While on the topic of economy the Soviet Union once had collective farms which was where a system controlled how much food one produced.


On April,26,1986 the unimaginable happened,Chernobyl exploded it created a giant radioactive cloud. But the thing is they didn't tell anyone in that town to evacuate for almost three days. Because they took so long to tell anyone for so long six million people were contaminated and because the half-life is 30 years about five million still are. It's estimated about 400 atomic bombs equal the gasses released that day.