Algiers is the capital of Algeria. (Political)

Lead is one of the natural resources. (Economic)

GDP per capital is 7,500 dollars. (Economic)

Ethnic groups in Algeria are Arab-Berber 99%, and European 1%. (Social)

Republic government is what Algeria has. (Political)

Industry in Algeria is 13.4%. (Economic)

Algeria dinar is the currency. (economic)


Algeria government is republic.The head of there government is PM Abclemark Sellal. our capital city is Algeris. Independence day is celebrated on July 5,1962. The voting age has to be 18 years of age.


Algeria economy is dominated.Our currency is Algeria dinar. The GDP is 7,500 dollars. Some of our major industry's are oil,zinc,coal,and natural gas. Our industry is 13.4%.


Our location is in North Africa near the Mediterranean sea.The climate is wet winters and hot summers.There is usually sad,and lots of wind.The natural resources are petroleum,natural gas,iron,lead,zinc,and phosphates. The desserts and mountains are the transportation barriers. The Mediterranean sea is the transportation corridors.


The ethnic groups are Arab-Berber 99% and Eruopen is less than 1%. The religions are Muslims 99% and Other 1%. The langues are Arabic,French,Berber,Chaouia Berber,Mzab Berber,Tuareg Berber. The food they eat are fish,fruit, ,cake,dessert,tea,chicken,veggies,milk,lamb. The holidays are Ramadan,Muhammad, and Eldal-Fiter.