2016 Stock Show!!

FFA stock show

Importance to the Stock Show

  • Every year we have a Stock Show for the kids to raise and show there choice of animal. Children and teens up trough high school can show. Its not just about the money to the parents and adults even tho thats what the kids think about. Were teaching our children responsibility at a young age. Raising these animals teaches them that not everything is a joke. It shows them that they have to keep up with the responsibility and care that comes along with the animal. There having to wake up on there weekends and before school to feed them. then after school and on the weekends they have to work with their animal to get it trained to show. The steers and dairy heifers are the hardest because there large animals to deal with an there already 6-7 months on age and are wild.
  • Also at the show theres also wood and metal projects that kids speed working on for 15 hours. there only allowed 300$ to spend on metal and wood etc. This is teaching our kids to learn to work on their own time and not to goof around and wast time. Teaches them to do things independently. Its sowing them that not everything is a joke that life has to have some seriousness to succeed in life.

Show Steers

The Mt.vernon/Saltillo FFA and 4H Show

Saturday, April 2nd, 8pm

Mt.vernon/Saltillo FFA and 4H show arena

Even if your not com in to buy come out a support the kids for all the hard work they've done! If your child is showing I would suggest bring a chair to sit in around your animal.