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October 3, 2014

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2014 NJASK 3-8 Scoring Interpretation Manual

So.... you want to learn about the NJASK and how the test is scored, what counts for what, how the scorers score the answers or just learn more about the test....
Click here for the Scoring Interpretation Manual


The Puzzle of Motivation by Daniel Pink

Dan Pink: The puzzle of motivation


New Jersey Department of Education Outlines New Graduation Mandate

Download the Official Memo to Schools from 9/30/2014 from Acting Commissioner Hespe on the new testing requirement - Click Here

Download the follow up Memo from NJDOE Chief Performance Officer Dr. Bari Erlichson - Click Here


2014-15 SGO Exemplars for Teachers from NJDOE

This is a non-exhaustive set of SGOs that should be used to help inform educators when developing SGOs tailored to their own teaching assignments. Even though not all subjects and grades are included in this list, the examples below align to the most current guidance from the Department regarding SGOs and include several of the wide variety of options for SGO development and goal setting that are open to educators. Please refer to the annotations in the exemplars for analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each SGO. Please refer to the SGO guidebook for more detailed information about the SGO process.

  • Art 1, Grade 8 (PDF)
  • CTE - Architecture/engineering, Grades 9-12 (PDF)
  • ELA – Reading, Grade 1 (PDF)
  • ELA – Reading, Grade 11 (PDF)
  • ELA – Writing, Grades 9-10 (PDF)
  • ELL – Writing, Grade 5 (PDF)
  • Math – Pre-K (PDF)
  • Math – Algebra II, Grades 10-12 (PDF)
  • Math, Grade 8 (PDF)
  • Physics 1, Grade 9 (PDF)
  • Physics (Algebra-based), Grade 9 (PDF)
  • Spanish, Grade 7 (PDF)
  • Social Studies – US History, Grade 8 (PDF)
  • Social Studies – World History, Grade 8 (PDF)

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21st Century Skills

This area is dedicated to sharing information on 21st Century Skills

Educational Technology

This area is dedicated to sharing information on Technology Literacy and Integration


Secretary Duncan Wants to Hear From You

Is your school implementing an innovative program that helps struggling students get back on the track to graduation? Do you have a cutting-edge idea you would like to see implemented at your school? Share your story or suggestions with U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and your program or innovative idea could be featured on the White House blog.

How States Perform Using State Performance Standards vs. TIMSS Internationally Benchmarked Common Standards

States differ on how much students need to know to be considered proficient, with a three- to four-grade-level gap between states with the highest and lowest student performance standards. States can bridge that gap by adopting Common Core–aligned assessments developed by two national consortia, according to a new report (PDF). See the accompanying infographic for a detailed, state-by-state breakdown.

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