The Centennial Weekly

Volume 12, Issue 4, August 20th, 2021

Centennial High School

CHS opened its doors in the fall of 2010 with only 750 students. Today we have over 2000 students and offer a wide range of classes designed to meet the needs of today's learners.

News From Mr. Holder

As we begin a new school year, I wanted to take a moment to welcome each of you back to Centennial High School for the 2021-2022 school year.

I know that each of you may have experienced something different, to use a simple term, the last year and a half when it comes to school. We are looking forward to having all of you back on campus and having teachers and students working together for your success.

It is my great hope that each and everyone of you have the chance to dive back into all the things that enable you to connect, participate and thrive in our school. I know I have seen a great number of students up here during the summer preparing and working toward their own personal greatness whether it be academic or extracurricular. I know I will see more and more of that once all of you are here.

With a new school year, I would like to encourage each and every student to find activities, sports, programs or clubs to join, if you have not already. These types of activities are vital to fostering a strong connection to Centennial High School and I know the benefit to you will be felt throughout your high school years.

As we transition into the new school year, I wanted give some reminders and make each of you aware of some changes that are happening that will help you as you prepare for this upcoming year.


  1. All students will park in the front parking lot during the school day (NO Exceptions). The back parking lot will be for staff only. Students who have extracurricular activities in the gyms, practice fields or indoor facility are to park in front and walk toward their designated practice facility. Beginning at 8:55 each morning, and throughout the day, the parking lots will be monitored to ensure vehicles are parked in the appropriate areas.
  2. Students who drive to school will be required to purchase a parking permit for their vehicle. It is $50 per year for the parking sticker. I am linking the parking permit form and portal to pay for parking permits. Permits can only be purchased online.
  3. Students will have two weeks to get a parking permit if they will be driving to school.
  4. 2021-2022 Student Parking Permit Form
  5. Parking Permit Payment Site
  6. Students should bring their completed Parking Permit Form and a printout of the online payment to room C111 to get their Parking Permit for their vehicle.


  1. If a student has a course which requires transport to another high school, they are encouraged to go straight to that campus and come straight back with no additional stops.


  1. Students are reminded that the campus is a closed campus and students are not to leave campus for lunch. Staff will be posted in order to help ensure students are not leaving campus for this purpose.
  2. For lunches, the nutritional department for our district has some very good options available for our students. Parents may bring meals for their students and drop them in the front office area. The students may then come to the front office to get those meals. NO MEAL DELIVERY SERVICES (DoorDash, Uber Eats, etc.) will be allowed to bring meals to campus for students. If a service happens to come onto campus, students will not be allowed to go outside to retrieve the order and the order cannot be delivered to the office. These services will be turned away.


  1. CHS Bell Schedule 2021-2022
  2. Doors will open at 8:00 am each morning for your student.


  1. Students who would like to request a schedule change will need to go to their house office and get a paper copy of the Schedule Change Request Form.
  2. The forms should be completed and signed by the deadline noted on the form, then turned in to their house office counselor.
  3. Change requests will be processed through the forms and not email.

The teachers and staff of Centennial High School are so excited to be able to welcome each of you back to the campus this year. The chance to meet, teach and collaborate with each of you to educate and prepare you for your futures makes each of us so happy.

Tardies Start Monday

Now that we have had 3 full days for students to find their classes and navigate the fastest route to their classes, we will start counting tardies on Monday. Being on time to class is important to the learning process. This also helps us ensure students are where they are supposed to be.

We have partnered with "Student Conductor" to track tardies. Here's how the process works.

If a student is tardy to class the teacher will tell them to go to one of the 6 tardy stations throughout the building (2 in C Wing, 2 in D Wing, 2 in E Wing). The student will enter their student ID number into the computer keypad or will scan their ID (once they have them). The printer will immediately print a pass to class. The pass will tell the student what number tardy they are on, what their consequence is (if any), and what consequence will result from the next tardy. The student will then return to class and present the pass to the teacher. It's that simple. The best part is that when a student enters their ID the parent gets an automated email with all the same information.

Tardies accumulate for all classes and start over each six weeks. Consequences are:

1st Tardy - Warning

2nd Tardy - Warning

3rd Tardy - Warning

4th Tardy - Warning

5th Tardy - Warning

6th Tardy - Warning

7th Tardy - Warning

8th Tardy - After School Detention

9th Tardy - After School Detention

10th Tardy (and any after) - In School Suspension

Student House Office Breakdown

To better manage the day to day operations at CHS, we are divided into House Offices based on student last name. Each house office has a Greek Alphabet name. See the specifics here or see info below.

Most of your contact will CHS will start with your student's house office. The House Secretary will be your contact for all attendance related information. When your student is not going to be at school, please contact (email or phone call) your House Secretary. This will eliminate any truancy related issues.

For all scheduling or social/emotional needs, you will want to contact your student's counselor.

For any discipline related needs or for most other concerns, you will want to contact your student's administrator.

We will all work as a team to help your student be successful and have a great experience while at CHS.

Beta House Secretary (Becky Layne) & Principal (Delan Peebles) - A-Dr

Beta House Counselor (Karen Blandino) - A-Co

Beta House Phone Number - 817.245.0472

Delta House Secretary (Tina Mercer) & Principal (Scott Shaha) - Du-Ki

Delta House Counselor (Vanessa Streitz) - Cr-Herm

Delta House Phone Number - 817.245.0284

Gamma House Counselor (Abbey Mar) - Hern-Mc

Gamma House Phone Number - 817.245.0288

Lambda House Secretary (Kenna Clark) & Principal (Jennifer Stone) - Kl-Rof

Lambda House Counselor (Stephanie Davis) - Me-Sha

Lambda House Phone Number - 817.245.0288

Zeta House Secretary (Lauren Coyle) & Principal (Eric Dobey) - Rog-Z

Zeta House Counselor (Tynisha Lane) - She-Z

Zeta House Phone Number - 817.245.0302

Student Drop Off/Pick Up Locations

We have seen that most pick ups are taking place in the front of the school (off Hurst Road) and that the back of the school (off Renfro/Cardinal Ridge) is not being utilized. You may find it more beneficial to use the entrance nearest the marquee, drive to the dead end at the school, turn left and pick your student up outside D Wing or E Wing. You will then be able to turn left at the Band Practice Field and circle back to the drive you entered on. Turn right and it will take you back to the light on Renfro and Cardinal Ridge.

This should save time.

Bell Schedule for 2021-2022

In order to provide better opportunities for tutoring during the school day, we have adjusted the bell schedule. You can download the 2021-2022 CHS Bell Schedule here.

Spartan Clay Target Team

Click here to see great information about the Spartan Clay Target Team.

From the Nurse

For all COVID-19 related questions or concerns, please call or email me at 817.245.0255 or

Follow this link for City of Burleson vaccine and testing information.

Hometown Ticketing App

All tickets for CHS home athletic contests are digital. No cash accepted at the gate. All tickets much be purchase prior. To make that easier, check out the information below to download an app to make the purchasing process easier.

Hometown Ticketing App Information

Support the Senior Class

Don’t miss out on the Mom, Dad and Senior T-Shirts Sales. Follow the link below to order now!

Join us at The Catch for our first restaurant night! This Tuesday August 24th, They are giving 15% of sales from Lunch and Dinner!

Mark your calendar for Senior BonFire!

November 13th. More details to come!

If you would like to be a sponsor please reach out to Tiffany Griffin 817-937-2360

BISD Athletic Ticket Sales Portal

Click here to purchase tickets for all BISD athletic events. All sales will be online. No cash will be accepted at the gate.

Class of 2022 Important Information

Click here to find important information and dates specifically for the Class of 2022.

Tardy Policy

On campus students who are late to class will be instructed to go to a tardy computer, 6 locations throughout the building, and either scan their ID or enter in their ID number. A tardy pass will immediately print and will be their pass to class.

Teacher Tutorial Schedule

Click here to find the tutorial schedule for teachers for the 2021-2022 school year.

Schoology Access

Access Schoology by clicking here.

Request a Verification of Enrollment Form (VOE)

Click the button to request a Verification of Enrollment Form (VOE). This form is required to get a driver's permit or driver's license.

From the College Access Specialist

Click the button for information from the College Access Specialist, Mr. Jason Hahn.

Crimestoppers/Friends For Life

Click the button for information about Crimestoppers and/or Friends for Life. Students are encouraged to report information that is criminal, threatening, inappropriate, or potentially harmful. This is an anonymous reporting system.

Spartan Senior Celebration (After Prom) Information

Click the button for information on Spartan Senior Celebration prizes.

Clubs and Organizations

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Administration Contact Information

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CHS Staff Directory

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Spartan Athletics

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CHS Events Calendar

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