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Explorer #1

On August 3rd 1492, Columbus sailed from Spain to the Americas with three ships, The Santa Maria (which he was in command of) the Pinta, and the Nina. Here's his thoughts on the new world. "The people weren't what i was expecting, it confused me" he said, "These people do not look like indians" Although Columbus was in mass confusion, he couldn't deny the fact that the New World is as good as the rumors people have been telling.

Being back home Columbus has said to have never been happier. "The ladies love me here, this is awesome. Everywhere i go people know who i am and i feel absolutely special" This man here is our hero. Christopher Columbus, greatest explorer of all time?

Ponce De Leon

Explorer #2

Ponce De Leon. My favorite explorer, why you may ask? This will explain it all. Ponce De Leon first landed in Puerto Rico in 1511, gold was discovered and people started going crazy. African slaves and the indiginous people had to work in the mines. The Taino rebelled and tried to battle their way to kick them out, it didn't work.

Ponce De Leon and his fellow crew members were looked at as god's he said. "Many still believe we are gods" "One day in 1511, they just decided to attack." he said, "People yelling, you're gods, this shouldn't be a challenge to stop" This was intimidating to him and his crew he said, but De Leon had the better equipment and pull away with the victory. Another explorer making a country proud.

Explorer #3

Francisco Vazquez de Corando. Traveled to the new world and found "The Grand Canyon" he calls it. "The biggest hole in the ground", he says. "Absolutely stunning to see". Many materialistic things are in the spotlight for the new world, "People need to open their eyes and come see true beauty over there in the new world". Corando openly says it is something worth dying for.

"The size of the hole in the ground could fit every ship ever created" He said. There has been so many reports of people asking if this is true or not. People seem impressed, i know i am, cant wait to get my ticket over there to see this stuff.

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Explorer #4

This man, was tragically killed. Murdered in cold blood by vengeful enemies. June 6, 1541 that was the date he was killed. Francisco Pizarro, nut i know you guys already know. The beloved explorer that everyone mourns the death of. He was greatest man out of the explorers and a dear friend.

He accomplished many things, like sailing aboard the boat when Balboa discovered the Pacific Ocean, and concurring Peru with his brother. He gained so much ground for our country and he will be loved and lost. RIP old friend.

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