Mrs. Peters' Classroom News

December 7th-11th

Classroom Connections

Reading: This week we've focused on K-9 dogs and their jobs. We started reading a story in our textbook called Aero and Officer Mike. We will do several more reads of this story next week. We also took a look at adjectives. They LOVE the School House Rock videos! Mrs. Huberty has also been coming into the classroom three days a week to teach the kiddos (and me!) about book clubs, how to talk about books, using text evidence (prove it) and how to have good text conversations.

Writing: Finally, finally, finally! We FINALLY started writing about our informational text topics! Before, we were doing a lot of talking about and planning. Yesterday, the students wrote fast and furiously (ask them to explain this).

Cursive: Students learned the letters "y" "x", "v", "z", "o" and "g". Now that they learned all the lowercase letters, the students should be able to write their name in cursive (or anything for that matter!). On Tuesday we start the uppercase letters "A" and "O".

Math: We have been measuring machines in room 14! We learned about cups, pints, quarts, gallons, ounces, pounds, milliliters, liters, kilograms, and grams. Whew! We've been working very hard on this. They have been doing a fantastic job!

Science: We are still studying the solar system. This week we focused on day and night, why we have seasons, and the moon.

The BFG hits the big screen! As mentioned earlier, our past read aloud, The BFG, is being made into a new movie and is being release this summer! They just released the movie trailer. The students and I watched it twice. It looks amazing!

Disney's The BFG - Teaser Trailer


We are making gingerbread houses on December 21st and December 22nd! Anyone is welcome to come. We will start the fun at 2:15 each day. Come join the fun!

December 22nd is also PJ day as long as your student earns 30 tokens. I'm very confident they will all earn it. :)

~Please, make sure your student does their nightly 20 minutes of reading. At the end of each month, I tally the total number of minutes read. If they read a total of 2,400 minutes (20 minutes a week night/400 minutes a month), they will be able to a popcorn/movie party in May.

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