Tragic Hero vs. Epic Hero

Epic Hero and Tragic Hero are similar because they both have hero elements, such as them being good fighters and leaders in time of battle also show some sort of great morals but, they are different in the sense that an Epic Hero maintains these good values throughout the story, and dies a noble death the Tragic Hero changes by the end of the play and dies a terrible death in the sense that he was a bad person.


Though out Macbeth there were many different atmospheres but one that truly stuck out was that it was a very dark and scary place. There was a lot of death and tragedy that made the story very dark and mysterious of what actually was going to happen.


Blind Ambition: Lady Macbeth trying to convince Macbeth to kill the King but she doesn’t think what would happen beyond that.

Power Corrupts:All of Macbeth’s murders. When he first killed the King and then took the crown and then killed Banquo so that he wouldn’t take over the power.


What would have happen if Macbeth wound't have gone and visited the witches for a second time? Would things have paned out the way they did or would they have changed?