Eternal Rest Funeral Home

Factors of a Funeral

Planning a funeral

There are several steps to happen when planning a funeral for a loved one.

  • Choosing and Learning - Work together with other loves ones to learn about the different types of memorial planning options.
  • Find a Good Funeral Home - After you decide all of the things that are wanted for the funeral, finding the correct place to hold it is very important.
  • Burial or Cremation? - If it will be an earth burial then a cemetery plot will need to be bought. If it is cremation then there should be a plan of where the ashes will go, scattered, stored or burried?
  • Call your place of worship for their services - Different cultures have different processes for their funerals. Your place of worship can help walk you through what to do.
  • Purchase the necessary things - casket, urn, memorial items, etc.

Family and Culture

A funeral can mean many things to many different people and cultures. To some cultures it can be the celebration of ones life, their loves ones moving to the next step in the cycle, to others it is completely natural but to all it is to mourn their loss of their loved ones. Considering family is very important when planning a funeral, it can put a toll on everyone. When planning the funeral everyone should feel allowed to be a part of it to celebrate their loved one. Cost wise family members should talk to one another about the cost and the type of funeral that is being had and only do something once everyone agrees. There are different lifestyles that can cause tense situations, anticipating these and thinking about what to do and say can help avoid the tense situations at the funerals.

At different funerals different things will be done. Here are an example of a few;

  • Monotheistic Religions - Muslims and Christians believe that death is a transition to a better place and believe in a God. Readings from the Bible or Koran are very important when remembering a loved one. There are different things for each monothestic religion.
  • Ancestor Worship - Ancestor worship understands that the course of life is cyclical and not a straight line. The people that have passed away are alive in a different world or are reincarnated into new births. In China there is something called "Sweeping the Graves" and it is a time for people to clean and tend to the graves of their loved ones. In Mexico they have The Day of the Dead where they gather together to pray for their loved ones who have died.
  • Buddhism and Hinduism - Hinduism has a set amount of philosiphies and different ways of life. Buddhism has an amount of philosophies that are set for the living. To both of them, death is not the end. It is just the end of the current body but not the end of the soul.

Those are just a few of the different cultures, it is very important that you contact your place of worship to figure out the best way to celebrate your loved one.