Gone To Texas

by: Jordan Chowaniec

Come on Down to Texas

Are you in desperate need of more land, or to start over, then come on down to Texas where we've got just the thing for you.


The location of this land is between the Brazos and Colorado Rivers, come quick I'm only taking the first 300 families.


The land is plentiful, inexpensive, fertile, has never been touched by a plow, has rolling hills and flat land, and has plenty of water, just what you need for a clean fresh start.

Amount of Land Avaliable

There is quite a bit of land available, but it for sure won't last long considering that if you are a farmer you'll receive a labor which is 177 acres, and if you are a rancher, you'll receive a sitio which is 4,428 acres.


The price of land is cheap considering that one acre in Texas is 12.5 cents, and compared to the price of an acre in the U.S. which is $1.25 per acre, that is VERY cheap, so if you want an unbeatable deal like this, act fast.


There are only four requirements you need to meet to come to Texas, and they are,

  1. Become a Mexican citizen
  2. Become a member of the Catholic church
  3. Follow Mexican laws
  4. Be a person of good moral character
Its that simple!

Contact Person and Location

If you are interested in this fantastic deal, contact me, Stephen F. Austin, or meet me at the Corner Store on any evening.

Motives to Immigrate

The price, amount of land, how the land is, and the location are all motives to immigrate considering everything is a benefit for yourself. This deal includes everything you need to have a great start, so don't forget to contact me as soon as possible.