Ms.Jacksons Weekly News Letter

Check in every Monday for a new letter!!

Quote Of The Week

"Dreams don't work unless you do!"

A wonderful inspirational quote to get us through the week! Let's focus on working hard and staying focused, otherwise how do we accomplish our dreams?

Monday is Student of the Week day!

Want to be nominated for student of the week? Here's how you can:

  1. Stay focused on classroom tasks
  2. Help your fellow classmates when struggling
  3. Show an interest in class by participating in classroom discussion
  4. Turn in all classroom work and homework when due
  5. Show how hard you're willing to work for your dreams!

This week is Saint Patrick's Day!

May the luck of the irish be with you

This Weeks Study Tip: Flashcards

Flashcards are my absolute favorite way to study!

Flashcards can be used when studying for any subject. The best part of using flashcards is that simply by going through the process of making these cards, you have already begun studying!

Here is my way of making flashcards:

  1. Begin by identifying all the main points you will need to have knowledge of. Looking over your class notes is a good way to figure out what to focus on!
  2. Write the main focuses for the subject on the face of each card (Use trigger words like Romeo Montague, Juliet Capulet, etc.)
  3. You'll want to use at least two different colors when writing the information on that back of each card. One color to write the most important information to have in the front of your memory, the second color should be used to write smaller details you may need to know.
  4. Organize your flashcards so that you have every card in a single stack.
  5. After going through the flashcards a few times, take out ones you already think you can remember and try to focus on those you still need help with.

Contacting your teacher

If for any reason a student or parent needs to contact me, I can be contacted by the following resources.