News from 1A

Week of November 10th-14th

Pilgrims Hard at Work!!

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Coming Up Next Week

-Monday November 17th- P.E. Day (wear tennis shoes)

-Tuesday November 18th- Music & Library Day

-Wednesday November 19th- P.E. Day (wear tennis shoes)

-Thursday November 20th- Art

-Friday November 21st- P.E. Runners Club (wear tennis shoes)

Return guided reading books, folders, and bags.

E-Time! What animal would you like to research?

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What are we learning?

Unit: Mayflower/Thanksgiving- we have started our 2nd PBL project! How will we as Pilgrim Families decide what to take on our Mayflower voyage?

ELA focus: Main Idea, Metacognition- thinking about our thinking when we are reading, and Author's Purpose! Why did the author write this story? To persuade us to do/think something? To entertain us or make us laugh? Or inform us and give us facts?

Math: Money- counting a collection of coins. Make sure to practice identifying coins at home and their value. Students should know to count nickels by 5s, dimes by 10s, and pennies by 1s. Practice this at home!

Also, please practice COUNTING TO 120!!! Many students get stuck after 100...

Science: Introduction to Matter- Solids, Liquids and Gases!

Social Studies: Needs and Wants- PBL project

Author's Purpose

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Spelling Words

Spelling List:









Some of our letters to the Farmer trying to convince him not to eat the turkey!!!

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Cub Scouts

Is your 1st grader interested in Cub Scouts? It's not too late to join! Our Tiger Cubs have a lot of fun events coming up including a trip to the Fox Sports TV Station, holiday caroling, pinewood derby car races, family camp outs, hiking and fishing! Contact Kara Colby at for more information about joining this fun group of Austin Scouts!

Congrats Chloe and Helena for being our VIP's!

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1A's Soccer Super Stars!!

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November Birthdays!

November 5th- Jax

November 7th- Natalie

November 26th- Nirali

Dates For Your Calendar

CISD Turkey Drive- Friday Nov 21st 7:15-8:30

November 24th-28th- Thanksgiving Break