Beijing: (capital city) 39° 54' N, 116° 24' E

Surrounding: Right below Russia, and on top of India.

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Some physical features of china are mass plains, deserts, mountains. But specifically the Gobi Desert, the Himalaya Mountains, Taklamakan Desert, and the Pacific Ocean. Some fun things you can do in the Himalayas is go heli-skiing from 5,000 meters or adventure tours in the Gobi Desert.


Some religions would include Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism. 5 ethnic groups that live in China are: The Han, The Manchus, The Mongols, The Hui, and the Tibetans. They pretty much have the same jobs as us. Politics, shoes, teaching, sewing, waiter.


Some fun activities to do in China would be like taking a tour to the largest city in the north-west region of china, X'ian. One of the biggest attractions in this area is taking a tour to the tomb of the terra-cotta army. Take in the view of the city of Shanghai through the China Skyline.


Somethings you can bring back from china are: artwork, handicrafts, vases, or even chinese money if not spent. 1 dollar in the U.S is 6.06 in China.

Human Environment Interaction

Adapting to the China can be a very hard thing to do. Luckily they have international ports for foreigners to help them on there way exploring China. The environment is hard since China is the most crowded country in the world it has taken a mass toll on its rivers, lands, forests, and air quality since factories pollute the country. Since China is a very big country it has different weather patterns so it depends on where you are going. If you were going to Hong Kong you might want bring some summer clothes since it can get hot but be careful of what you wear since China is strict on type of clothes that reveal skin.


2 regions in China are North China and East China. Eastern China is a flat coastal land that spreads out into a plain. Norther China is vast mountains and highlands nicknamed "the rooftop of the world."


Miscellaneous Information

Some hotels to stay in would be the Puli Hotel and Spa in Shanghai. The Christians Hotel in Luoyang and the T Hotel in Hong Kong. 3 useful phrases in chinese would be directions, thank you, and goodbye.

Fun Fact: Ice Cream was invented in China around the year 2000BC when they mixed soft milk and rice mixture in the snow.