Phoenix Flyer

Volumen 14, Edicion 5 - Octubre 9, 2020

Minutos de Mrs. Hutchins

Hello Fronteras Families!

So many Good Things to share!

· THANK YOU for the continued support for our outdoor P.E. classes! We are so appreciative of all the time families are giving our students! We are so very fortunate!

· THANK YOU SO MUCH to the parents who offered to help with plowing and keeping our sidewalks cleared! This is such a huge help!

· Another huge THANK YOU to parent Jaymie Gomez for posting our plowing need on “Mat-Su Who to Use”. By doing that, we received numerous offers from local plowing companies to help keep us plowed this winter! This action by Mrs. Gomez connected us specifically with Callaway Snow Services who will plow after heavy snowfalls. We are so touched and overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from you, our incredible families, and the local business community!

· THANK YOU parent Eric Wittrock for the awesome idea for Halloween this year! Because we cannot have an indoor costume parade with appropriate social distancing, we will have a Trunk ‘N Treat parade October 30th in our parking lot! Specific details are provided lower in this newsletter. We hope you will join us and help make Halloween 2020 unique and memorable for our students!

· Our Spanish Heritage displays continue to develop and beautify our school! Students are producing wonderful country reports and country presentations! 😊

· Parent use of SDM is rockin’! THANK YOU! This is a huge time saver and great for record keeping!

· Thank you for following the district flowchart when you have a student feeling ill. Our school remains healthy and open because of your diligence!

· Morning drop off continues to improve! Thank you for pulling ALL the way forward, staying in your vehicle, and having your children ready to hop out. This is a courtesy to everyone behind you.

· Thank you for posting questions and looking for answers on our parent Facebook page! And finally, thank you for reading the bi-weekly newsletter and Amigos messages! The phone calls to the school for information already shared has been greatly reduced.

Next Friday, October 16th is an Early Release. Students are dismissed at 12:30pm. There is no afternoon bus stop at Boys & Girls Club. Remember, Fronteras has an early release EVERY Friday for the remainder of the school year. The new calendar is included in this newsletter. Thank you to district leadership for supporting this need!

CORRECTION: Our Believe Kids fundraiser began yesterday, Oct. 8th. Mrs. Adams visited every classroom and explained how the fundraiser works, as it is different this year due to COVID precautions. Look for information that came home with your student yesterday. Please remember, any fundraising that occurs at Fronteras is always voluntary participation.

Picture Re-Takes is next Friday, Oct. 16th. At Home learners who missed picture day or do not care for their photo, please plan to take advantage of the re-take. Call the front desk when you arrive and we’ll bring your kiddo in for their photo. Please wait in the parking lot, as they won’t be long.

Hoping everyone enjoys a beautiful fall weekend!

Most Sincerely,

Mrs. Hutchins

“Don’t forget to bring your funny bone along your parenting journey. Humor is a universal language that topples walls, connects hearts, and opens the door to communication and cooperation.” -L.R. Knost

Trunk 'N Treat Parade!

Calling all Halloween enthusiasts October 30th!

· Parents willing to hand out candy arrive at Fronteras by 9:30am. Parade will begin at 10:00am - Costumes for participating parents is HIGHLY encouraged! Let your inner child out! 😊

· Parent Eric Wittrock, genius behind the idea, will direct parents where to park – he has a special set up

· Once in place, open your tailgate, hatchback, etc. and get comfy & ready for kiddos! If you want to decorate your car or truck, PLEASE DO! It will add to the fun!

Students will come through the parking lot by classroom so their costumes can be marveled and admired! Feel free to cheer and give your best Whoop! Whoop as the kiddos pass by!

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Big picture

Clarification of COVID Symptoms and Time at Home

There have been some questions about how long a student is required to stay home when a parent self-reports their child has a symptom from the COVID symptom list. When a student has a COVID symptom, they can come back when they receive a negative test result, are home for 10 days and symptom free for 24 hours without being on fever reducing medicine, or get a doctor’s note that it is not COVID related. This is true if they are screened at school or by a parent at home.

Morning Drop-Off Safety Requirements!

  • Please pull ALL THE WAY forward in the drop-off line regardless of where your child enters the school
  • The school sidewalk is a drop-off zone only, please do not get out of your vehicle
  • The school sidewalk is a drop-off zone only, please make sure your child is ready and can exit your vehicle independently
  • Please have all of your children exit your vehicle on the sidewalk side only and not on the traffic side or on the rocks by the playground
  • If your child requires assistance to exit your vehicle, please park in the parking lot to assist them
  • After your child has exited your vehicle, please signal and pull into the left exit lane
  • Please drive slowly and be aware at all times while on Fronteras campus
  • If you don't see Miss Shawn standing at the first corner of the sidewalk for 2nd-4th grade entry; please drop your child at the front doors so they can collect a tardy slip at the office

APC News!

Hello Fronteras families!
The Academic Policy Committee’s next Board meeting is Tuesday, October 13th at 6:15pm via Zoom.
We invite all families to participate to meet your APC Board members and to see what we do to help uphold the Bylaws written in our Charter.
Please note that if you wish to speak during the meeting, you must sign up ahead of time by emailing me and asking to be signed up as a “Persons to be Heard.”
You will have 2 minutes to present your comments or suggestions to the APC and after that time, the Board will not vote on or discuss what was said until a later date, if needed.
If the speaker needs a decision or comment made regarding what they said, the Board Chair (Jen Manion) will respond via email after discussing with the APC Board.

Thank you!


Zoom Meeting:
Topic: Fronteras APC Board October 2020 meeting
Time: Tuesday, October 13, 2020 06:15 PM Alaska

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 741 4522 3555
Passcode: 8CazpL

Believe Kids Fundraiser

We started our annual fundraiser yesterday, Thursday, October 8th!
If you are new to Fronteras, your student may be talking about coupons to turn in for prizes.
The coupons are located inside of the packet they brought home yesterday on the bottom of the parent letter (see pictures below).
To redeem coupons students must sell 3 items for first coupon, 6 for second etc. This includes online orders. As soon as your student sells 3 items, fill out coupon, sign the bottom and send it in immediately.
These coupons earn the students a Kung fu coop squishy, and entries into daily prize drawings!!

Thank you for your support!!!
Call or text Misty Adams at 242-8319 with any questions.

Spirit Week!

Spirit Week!

This year instead of schoolwide Spirit Days, we will have schoolwide Spirit WEEKS!

Spirit week will be the LAST week of the following months: October, December (prior to Christmas break), Feb/Mar, April, & May (prior to summer break)

Each grade level takes a turn determining one of the day’s themes:

Mondays – Kindergarten

Tuesdays – 1st Grade

Wednesdays – 2nd/3rd

Thursdays – 3rd/4th/5th

Fridays – Middle School

School Pictures and Retakes!

School pictures arrived Wednesday, October 7th! Please check that your child received their school pictures. Retakes will take place on Friday, October 16th!

At Home learners who missed picture day or do not care for their photo, please plan to take advantage of the retake. Call the front desk when you arrive and we’ll bring your kiddo in for their photo. Please wait in the parking lot, as they won’t be long.

Spirit Gear Is Here!

The first partial shipment of Spirit Gear arrived Thursday, October 8th and were sent home with students! We are expecting the remaining shipment to arrive today, Friday, October 9th!

**At Home learners can pick up Spirit Gear any day before 3:00pm or email Kami at to arrange an alternative pick-up method!**

2020-2021 Yearbooks!

It's time to order your 2020-2021 Fronteras Yearbook! Order by October 31st and receive 5% off! Click on the link below to order!

**8th Grade Parents! Please DO NOT purchase a yearbook for your 8th grader. They will be receiving one as a Promotion gift, at the end of the school year**

2020-2021 Fronteras Yearbooks!

Click here to order a 2020-2021 Fronteras Yearbook!

Reporting absences!

You can report an absence using the following in preferred order:


  1. log into your ParentVUE account using desktop (won't let you report an absence using cell)
  2. click on blue "Report Absence" button to the right of your student's school photo
  3. follow prompts
School Dismissal Manager
  1. log into your School Dismissal Manager account using desktop or cell
  2. click on the day of the week to absence will occur
  3. create "Exception"
  4. click on absence
  5. follow prompts
  1. email Kami at

2020-2021 Fronteras School Calendar With Early Release Fridays!

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Lost & Found

Lost & Found is not available. Please make sure to label your child's belongings so that misplaced items can be immediately returned.

Sr. Onfray’s little ghosts gave Mrs. Hutchins a big scare!

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What Does At Home Learning Look Like?

8th Grade Enjoys A Break and Some Fresh Air!

Indoor Recess Day!

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Spanish Tutoring!

Hispanic Presentations!


Mrs. Hutchins and niece Ava Schmidt are twins! MEOW!

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Middle Schoolers Nathan Shelton and Travis Thornton Presented This Piece for their Poetry Slam!

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Big picture
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