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Volumen 11, Edicion 9 - Diciembre 15, 2017

Minutos de Mrs. Hutchins

Immersion Education – Teaching academic content in another language

Hello Fronteras Families!

Thank you to everyone who attended our concerts Dec. 8th and 11th! We appreciate your support! It’s always fun to see everyone and have the opportunity to see our kiddos perform together! The students looked outstanding and sounded beautiful! Well done kiddos and Sr. Desj!

I am excited to announce that Fronteras has been nominated as a Capturing Kids’ Hearts (CKH) National Showcase School again for the 2017-2018 school year! Out of 10,000 campuses, 182 schools were named as nominees. At some point, between January and March, a CKH representative will visit Fronteras and complete an audit of our CKH practices and implementation. Please read the official announcement from the Flippen Group a little further in the newsletter.

Mark Your Calendar:

· Wednesday, Dec. 20th at 12:45pm, please join us in the gym for our Q2 Awards Assembly!

· Thursday, Dec. 21st, is Pajama Day! All students, guests, and staff are encouraged to wear their favorite (and school appropriate) pajamas to school! A lot of different and fun activities will be taking place throughout the classrooms, so contact your child’s teacher for specifics if you’d like to join in! This is also the last day of school for students until January 8, 2018!

We wish you all a wonderful weekend together! And to our families who will travel for Christmas and New Years, we wish you safe travels, a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy! Happy! Happy New Year!

Most Sincerely,

Mrs. Hutchins

“Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas perhaps mean’s a little bit more.” – The Grinch

Capturing Kids' Hearts National Showcase Schools

Fronteras has been nominated for a Capturing Kids’ Hearts National Showcase Schools award for the 2017-2018 school year by the Flippen Group. Seven years ago, school administrators began an initiative to transform the campus into an emotionally safe and relationally connected place for students, staff, and parents to come together with a love for learning.

After researching programs used by many of the nation’s most successful schools, Fronteras chose to join hands with the Flippen Group to bring Capturing Kids’ Hearts to its campus. Teachers and staff have continued to learn the processes needed to connect students with their peers and adults on campus and to create classrooms where students are excited to learn every day.

Over the next several months, a Flippen Group site team will visit Fronteras to observe the progress taking place and decide whether the campus qualifies to become a recipient of this year’s Capturing Kids’ Hearts National Showcase Schools awards.

Since 1990, campuses across the country have experienced amazing outcomes with Capturing Kids’ Hearts tools and processes, creating the socio-emotional safety conducive to learning. Flippen Group provides educators the skills they need to change the trajectory of students’ lives. Openness replaces defensiveness. Judging and feelings of being judged are replaced with acceptance and real connectedness to the school. “Discipline problems nearly non-existent,” and “Academic achievement constantly improving,” are common feedback following Capturing Kids’ Hearts implementation.

Through the National Showcase Schools awards, Flippen Group seeks to recognize and celebrate schools that go the extra mile each day, building an environment where students and staff feel safe and connected. Flippen Group believes the unsung heroes who produce exemplary outcomes in schools and pave the way for other schools to follow need and deserve recognition for a job well done.

Capturing Kids’ Hearts campuses across the country are considered for this award based on the following criteria: 1) nomination based on observation, 2) level of implementation of Capturing Kids’ Hearts processes by all staff as measured by online surveys, and 3) data demonstrating that Capturing Kids’ Hearts has made a significant improvement in attendance, discipline, climate/culture, or academics.

Since the nomination period is now closed, Flippen Group teams will begin conducting site visits to nominated campuses to gather additional quantitative and qualitative data and interview students, teachers, administrators, and parents. They will compile a matrix of key measurements from the campus observation. Finally, they will conduct an additional survey to collect feedback regarding the perceived climate and culture of the campus and its conduciveness to learning. Following the site visit, the selection team will review all accumulated data and select the campuses to be this year’s recipients of the Capturing Kids’ Hearts National Showcase Schools awards.

The Flippen Group is proud to recognize the outstanding individuals who have dedicated themselves to making a difference in the lives of our children. As they identify these outstanding schools, campus leaders, and teachers each year, please join in celebrating some of the most skilled and effective educators in the country!

For more information about the Capturing Kids’ Hearts National Showcase Schools awards, contact:

Tanya Peterson

Flippen Group

Office Phone: 1-800-316-4311

Office Fax: 1-877-941-4700

Dates to Remember

  • December 20 - Quarter 2 Awards Assembly (starts at 12:45)
  • December 21 - Last day for students
  • December 21 - Last day of Quarter 2 After School Enrichment Clubs
  • December 22 to January 8 - Winter Vacation (No school)
  • January 8 - First day back from winter vacation

The Giving Tree

Want to give this holiday season but not sure where to start or where to go? Stop by the Fronteras library and grab a tag off of the giving tree. After buying the gift listed on the tag, return it unwrapped with the tag attached to the library by December 20th. Help make a difference in a child's holiday!

Morning Drop Off Reminder (Part II)

Thank you to those parents who continue to follow our traffic signs by pulling all the way forward. We still have some "Smalls" who do not pull all the way forward and are backing traffic up. Please follow the signs and pull ALL the way forward. Thank you for honoring this request.

Nacho Monday

Thanks to all for making our Nacho Mondays a great success!!

December 18th will be our last Nacho Monday of 2017. We will resume Nacho sales on January 8, 2018.

Don’t forget that you can pay for your student’s nachos using SchoolCash Online. This prevents having to send cash or checks, with your student to school, with the possibility of loss.

As of January, please note that you will have 3 options to choose from;

Chips with cheese for $3, Chips with chili for $3 or Chips with cheese & chili for $4.

Thank You for supporting our 7th grade class Puerto Rico fundraiser!

After School Enrichment Clubs

Please note that Friday, December 21st is the last day for Quarter 2 After School Enrichment Clubs!

We are also seeking volunteers who know how to use a sewing machine to lead a club. We have new machines and plenty of fabric. Please contact Jen Manion @ 229-4116

Pizza Friday

Pizza Friday orders are due no later than every Monday. Extra pizza will be sold for $2.00 a slice at the front desk on Fridays for those who choose to not prepay. However, if you choose to not prepay for pizza, there is no guarantee that there will be left over pizza to sell by the time your child has their scheduled lunch time. Please make sure your child has a back-up lunch packed!

Saturday of Science!

Dear Parents,

I am thrilled to inform you of an awesome opportunity to help in our school. I will be hosting the third annual Fronteras Saturday of Science. This is a day where students in grades K-3 will be able to come with their parents and get some hands-on science, spend the day together, and (I hope) have an excellent time. In order to make this happen I need some parent help. I am looking for 6-10 parents who are comfortable with science principles, or not (I can help with understanding), that would be willing to give up a Saturday in the pursuit of knowledge.


1. You as a parent are willing to spend Saturday February 10th at the school helping with one science station. You will know what station you are working at, and I promise I will make sure that you have some help. The time would be from 9:15-2 ish. We would set up at 9:15, have classes running until 1:45 and then clean up after it is all over.

2. You would be willing to attend 2 mandatory meetings with me. The first would be to assign you a station, and the second would be to make sure you have everything you need ready to go. Those meetings would happen in my classroom afterschool from 3ish-3:30? I am not a huge fan of meetings, so I will make sure that I get through all the information as quickly as possible.

I need firm commitments from parents in order to make this happen. If you are volunteering, make sure you are planning on spending the entire day with us.

Information will be sent home with students at a later date, this email is just to get some parents set in place. As you probably know, without parents, things like a Saturday of Science, just can’t happen.

Thank you in advance. If you are willing to volunteer, please email me directly:

It is important, because of how quickly this event is coming that I have firm commitment by Thursday December 21st.


Brittany Pierce

BP Alaska Teachers of Excellence 2018 Nominations!

BP is now accepting nominations for the 23rd Annual BP Alaska Teachers of Excellence program. The program honors K-12 teachers and other school staff from public or private schools who have made important contributions to education and their communities. Anyone can nominate a Teacher of Excellence or an Educational Ally for an award by visiting The deadline for nominations is February 1st, 2018. Each BP Teacher of Excellence will receive $500 and a $500 matching grant to their school. The program also recognizes other unsung heroes in the schools, such as Principals, teaching assistants, counselors and others with the BP Educational Allies awards. Since the program’s inception in 1995, BP has recognized more than 750 Alaska teachers and receives more than 1,000 nominations each year. To nominate a staff member, click here.

Lost & Found

It's that time again! Parents and students are encouraged to check Lost & Found daily. During winter break, Lost & Found will be donated to Good Will!


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A letter from the Anti Vandalism League!

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Introducing the Fronteras Anti-Vandalism League!

Big picture

The A.V.L. hard at work keeping Fronteras clean!

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In addition to A.V.G., Team Against Bullying (T.A.B.) make themselves available to students who feel they were not treated well and are unsure how to proceed. This group consists of 5th grade girls; Gavyn, Jamesyn, Maudie, and Micaela. Students talking to students is extremely powerful, and we are elated that these young ladies identified a need and took positive action. That is the Fronteras Way!

We are extremely proud of our 5th grade young ladies and gentlemen who have taken the initiative to maintain our school’s beauty and positive learning environment!

“Be helpful. When you see a person without a smile, give them yours.” –Zig Ziglar

Mrs. Hutchins

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Did You know?

Honduras rains fish! Yes, you heard right! It rains fishes in the country. Referred to as Lluvia de Peces or “Rain of Fish,’ the event is said to occur at least once a year in the tiny town of Yoro. No one really knows what causes it but in the 1970’s, the event was recorded by a National Geographic team. The fishy rains still occur and locals point out that the fishes that drop from the skies are not local and they are only native to the Atlantic Ocean located almost 200 kms away!