Is Hitler a German Devil

or a German Savior?

As an American, when we hear the name "Hitler" we think evil, monster, and death. As an German child that doesn't know Hitler's true passion probably thought honor, hero, and father. His real passion was world domination... Hitler wanted a superior race. The superior race were people with blonde hair and blue eyes. The strange thing was that Hitler had brown hair with brown eyes. However, Hitler stole your freedoms and took control of your mind, he taught you to hate innocent Jews, and finally he stole your childhood. Now learn this "Hero's" true identity.
Hitler took control of innocent German children for his own personal gain. His sick ways to get them to become his soldiers were to force them to go to his academies. Hitler then made a law that actually forced children to go to his academies. If children refused to go to his back breaking academies you were to be arrested. If people did acts to try convince people Hitler was hurting Germany and it's future, you would be tortured, beaten, or even killed. Some children were killed by Hitler and his followers before they turned 18 years old. Acts that Hitler considered "traitorous" included leaflets that criticized Hitler, insulting of the Hitler Youth group, and insulting of the Gestapo.
Hitler forced you innocent German children to hate innocent Jews. At Hitler's academies children were taught that Jews were trying to hurt Germany, but Hitler was the true villain that was hurting Germany. Hitler kept all his soldiers in training ignorant as possible. When they joined the Hitler Youth group they started to train for war. They had to shoot guns, do police patrols throughout the town, and they also had to do incredible workouts. These children had to be fast, strong, and had to be accurate at shooting for Hitler. After they were forced to join the army Hitler sent all these trained soldiers to go to house to house to house to find Jews. However, when some children started uncovering what their fate would be they left his treacherous group. They then became known as Eldwiss Pirates. They did all they could do to insult Hitler and his followers.
Once there was a girl that told her parents that she did not belong to them. She said the person that owned her was Hitler. In response her parents opened the door and told her to go to Hitler. She didn't go to Hitler, but she did sit on the doorstep and begin to cry. Her Hitler Youth leader spotted her crying. The girls parents were then sent to jail for several weeks.
Who stole your freedom as a child? If your freedom was stolen you might never of had the fun that a innocent child had. For German children their freedom was stolen by Hitler. Some kids never even had a childhood because Hitler changed many lives in Germany.

You had to choose your whole life as a German child. You were either with him or against him. If you were with him you were safe, but you were given no freedom of making your own choices. If you were against him you would have to run and hide. You would be in endless danger. There was no way out. However, most children supported him. They were blinded by all of his lies. If you weren't with him you better pack your bags and start running for your life and freedom.

Hitler only showed German children his positive side. You only saw kindness and love from him. He acted like a father towards German children. By going to his academies you were literally saying that you would go to war for him. He taught you that he was great and doing a great thing for Germany and you could help. But under those smiles and caring eyes was a monster waiting to catch and kill it's prey, and you were his prey that he was hunting for. He just wanted more soldiers and you were too young to understand what he was doing.
I hope all German children out there now knows that he was nothing but a monster. He was using you. You were not important to him. He was just using you like a tool. His passion was world domination. Hitler wanted to change everything for the worse. Now, please understand that Hitler was a devil, monster, and that he was evil. Now how do you German children feal about him now?


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