Cupcake World!

By: sparkling Monkey

Cupcake land

Have you ever had a dream where you see your a type of food that you love, then eat it? I had something like that last night. So I was in this cupcake land where everything was made out of cupcakes! So I was at the entrance when I giant cupcake greeted me by the entrance. He said please don't eat anything that is living thank you and enjoy your visit. I went off and saw chocolate cupcake mountain covered with whipped cream. So I climbed it till' where the wrapper of the cupcake ended. I was about to eat it when it spoke to me. Soon I realized everything in the world was alive. I was sad. Then I found a stand where they sell cupcakes that are not alive. So I bought one and right when I was about to take a bite. My alarm sounded off and I woke up. I was seriously sad. I've been craving cupcakes all. day. long.



2:30 exactly.

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