Hippo's Hope

Shel Silverstein

Christian Cardona 7th period

There once was a hippo who wanted to fly --

Fly-hi-dee, try-hi-dee, my-hi-dee-ho.

So he sewed him some wings that could flap through the sky --

Sky-hi-dee, fly-hi-dee, why-hi-dee-go.

He climbed to the top of a mountain of snow --
Snow-hi-dee, slow-hi-dee, oh-hi-dee-hoo.
With the clouds high above and the sea down below --
Where-hi-dee, there-hi-dee, scare-hi-dee-boo.

(Happy ending)
And he flipped and he flapped and he bellowed so loud --
Now-hi-dee, loud-hi-dee, proud-hi-dee-poop.
And he sailed like an eagle, off into the clouds --
High-hi-dee, fly-hi-dee, bye-hi-dee-boop.

(Unhappy ending)
And he leaped like a frog and he fell like a stone --
Stone-hi-dee, lone-hi-dee, own-hi-dee-flop.
And he crashed and he drowned and broke all his bones--
Bones-hi-dee, moans-hi-dee, groans-hi-dee-glop.

(Chicken ending)
He looked up at the sky and looked down at the sea --
Sea-hi-dee, free-hi-dee, whee-hi-dee-way.
And he turned and went home and had cookies and tea --
That's hi-dee, all hi-dee, I have to say.


an exaggeration. He broke all his bones he really didn’t there should be at least one bone that wasn’t broken


giving human qualities to something that really doesn’t have human qualities. The bear sewed him some wings


Comparing two unlike things using like or as. And he sailed like an eagle.


I think the poem means you cant tell what is going to happen. You could chicken out something bad can happen or you can succeed

Why I think he wrote this poem? I think he wrote this poem because a long time ago he was deep sea diving and he got lost in the ocean and he only had one hour of air left in his tank. So he went up to the top of the water and waited until the SHARKS came.Then right be for one could bite him a hippo came out of the ocean with wings and saved him. The next day he woke up and he had just hit his head on a rock and fainted.