Parvhpreet #14 7P

Minecraft Multiplayer

This is minecraft multiplayer. You can basicly play any game you want to like hunger games, battledome, and also capture the flag.You can play with friends from all over the world but you have to buy minecraft and servers.Or play on other peoples server but you have to follow that persons rules.In this there is nothing you cant do.There are huge popular servers out there that have the max compacity of 30 000 people in there. You are going to need good internet to play properly and successfully.

Minecraft Single player

In single player minecraft the world generate endlessly with no stop of the end of the world.You can scavenge for supplys to fight the undead or enderman and even sometimes the wither. To fight the bosses you have to go to the nether and search for the temple to fight the wither.You can also fight the enderman to get about 100xp.

This is actually really hard because you need to know the recipes to make armour swords,foods and other stuff.

Minecraft Mods

Minecraft mods is when you download mods off the internet to do almost anything.You can download the superhero mod which lets you become any super hero you want to become. Using potions this is possible.There is a mod that lets you get 5 percent less lag and it lets you zoom in on far distances on your map.Mods are what make the game fun and enjoyable.