Lynn Medeiros for


Dartmouth Town Clerk

Responsibilities and Accomplishments

As Dartmouth Town Clerk since 2008, my responsibilities, accomplishments, and current plans are as follows:

Chief Election Official

As the chief election official, my responsibilities include running elections (Town, State, Federal), preparing ballots, testing and certifying equipment, voter registration, and performing census (Town, State, Federal).

I have worked with my election staff to improve and implement precinct recording procedures and the ballot transfer process. This has resulted in more efficient and quicker election results. I also assisted the Federal Census Bureau during the 2010 precinct re-districting process.

Registrar of Vital Statistics
As the registrar of vital statistics, my responsibilities include registering all births, deaths and marriages in Dartmouth, and facilitating secure, safe preservation for Dartmouth’s future.

I applied for funding through the Community Preservation Committee to install new shelving and preserving records dating back to 1664 ensuring Dartmouths’ vital records are protected and preserved for historical and archival purposes. I am currently working with the Commonwealth to implement a State-mandated upgrade of all of Dartmouth vital records (births, deaths, marriages) to an online access system.

Public Records Officer
As the towns public records officer, my responsibilities include administering oaths to public officials, ensuring compliance with open meeting law, providing access to public records, providing certified copies of vital records, assisting in genealogical research, maintaining all town records, campaign finance law tracking and compliance, and submitting zoning by-law amendments to the Attorney General for approval.

In the next few months we will be implementing a new software program (EBCTS) that will enable us to track the history of all appointed people to boards and commissions as well as ethics forms submitted as required for campaign finance and elected officials.

A second program we will be implementing will enable us to track calendar updates for meeting notices and agendas that need to be posted as required along with a new capability to search the minutes of meetings.

Licensing Officer
As the licensing officer my responsibilities include issuing dog licenses, fuel storage licenses, Business Certificates, Raffle Permits, filing of marriage intentions.

During the past four years as Town Clerk, I have upgraded the Dartmouth dog license program and other license-tracking systems to make information available in a quicker and more organized manner. This Dog program has enabled the town to increase the number of dogs licensed each year with it’s tracking system which allows tracking of unlicensed dogs and outstanding citations. The system also allows us to send billing notices and delinquent notices. The Town now licenses more than 4,000 dogs each year. This system also assists the animal control officer and the police department in helping to locate lost dogs for owners.

Preparation and Management of Town Meeting
Special, Spring-Annual and Fall-Annual Town Meetings are overseen and managed by the Office of the Town Clerk. This includes informing Town meeting members of meeting dates, printing, packaging and issuing warrants, holding precinct elections (if there are vacancies prior to a meeting), issuing minutes, schedules, and publishing all relevant documents to hold the meetings consistent with Town By-Laws, Charter, and Massachusetts General Laws.

Public Information Officer
As the town public information officer, my responsibilities include responding to inquiries for information under the Federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) from the general public and other branches of government.

Over the past few months with the help of my staff, I have upgraded the Town Clerk’s Office by changing the operational side to be more accessible to employees. This has enabled us to serve the public in a more efficient and professional manner. Employees no longer have to leave the room to access documents for residents, improving efficiency and staffing costs.

As the town clerk, I also have the pleasure of assisting in coordinating the Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony with the help of other department volunteers which is a community event that Dartmouth citizens young and old can enjoy.