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Jessica Jerome

“People ask me what it’s like to ski jump. I almost can’t describe it. There’s no other feeling in the world.”— Jessica Jerome on why she ski jumps

Jessica's ski jumping career started when she was in second grade. The Park City Ski Club came to her school to promote an after school program for anyone who wanted to ski jump. She took a brochure home to her parents and begged them to let her go, they reluctantly said yes. Jessica always loved skiing this just gave her a chance to make something out of it.

She is a 10-time National Champion, she also is the only girl to score points in a men's international Continental Cup ski jumping competition in 2002. She was only 14 years when that happened, in that same year during the 2002 Olympic Winter Games she fore-jumped for the men's ski jumping event. To this day she has kept posting top 10 results on the World Cup tour.

On December 29th, 2013 she made history by winning the U.S. Olympic Team Trials and becoming the first nominee to the inaugural women's ski jumping Olympic Team. Jessica is a strong athlete, she overcame an leg injury that would have kept any other ordinary athletes away from sports. She has a strong will and is smart, she has an economic major at Westminster College in Salt Lake City.

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How it works...

Bindings must be mounted parallel to the run-direction. The binding should be placed where that the most of 57% should be the ski length being used as the front part. Boots are supposed to be high-backed, flexible, low cut at the front, but firm. They are designed to let the skier able to learn forward during the flight. The Connection cord is part of the binding, it attaches the boot to the ski to prevent wobbling in mid-air. A Ski Jumping suit is made to fit the body tightly and it must be made of the same material, with a certain type of air comfort ability. The suit must be a certain thickness, and keep the ski jumper in a up right position. The Jumping skis are made just for ski jumping hills. The skis make the the jumper need to stay fit and have certain geometric features.
How They Train: Ski Jumping