Samurai and Bushido

Athena Rice

Introduction of Samurai and Bushido

A Samurai is a member of a powerful Japanese Military Caste. Bushido is a code of honor and morals developed by these Japanese Samurai.

What Effect did these Systems have on Japanese Culture?

The Samurai and the Bushido have both made an impact on Japanese culture that it's still seen today throughout Japan whether it would be a Castle, a Garden or even a Samurai residence that have been preserved and taken care of. The Bushido values Honor, Reckless Bravery, and selflessness. It even says that you should be honored to give up life and embrace death. There's no fear in this philosophy it teaches self discipline, respectfulness, ethical behavior to be role models to other classes.

Diary of a Female Samurai

Life is rough right now. My husband is out there, he is a samurai where I have to manage our big house. The staff keep telling me to go out and do something with my life. I will. I was raised my a Samurai mother and father, both in the Japanese ranks. I was trained to fight unlike my husband and yet he gets all the praise just because he's a man. I'm not going to take it anymore, I'm fearless yet I'm selfless, I'm only envious because I was trained to do this.

It's morning and I've been waiting to see the Emperor. He may see me as a woman but I will prove myself to him. He let me in the courtyard were a man threw me a Samurai sword and about 5 men ambushed me, I inflicted damage but not enough to kill them and the whole time the emperor was watching with my Husband. I made it to the stair case of his house and bowed with the respect that I earned. I became one of Japan's most well known Samurais just by defying all odds.