By: Braylee Reed on December 15, 2015


Some think Green (Hope) White (Faith) Red (Charity) or that green in hills white is for the mountains and the red for the bloody wars of independence.

Italy Map

This is a map for Italy. You can see what waters surrounds the islands of even the lands on Italy. Italy is apart of Europe.


The Apennines extends over 600miles and consists of great massifs in the western sector, with peaks rising over 14,000feet including Monte Bianco also known as Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa and Cervino the Matterhorn.

Cooler in far north and hot and dry in the far south


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This is what they pay there goods with. There money is a lot different then ours.

There is $1.09 in a dollar to make a Euro and There is $0.91 Euros in a dollar


The population in 2015 is 61.2 million people.

The spoken language for Italy is Italian.

They are Catholic.