The Warriors Heart

Eric Grietens vacation of a charactor

Impression of Eric Grietens

In the book Eric Grietens is very kind to the children and people he meets in his travels. he tries to help them in every way he can. from Santa fe new Mexico to Rwanda he cares for everyone with his whole heart and he shows that all it takes to make someone's day is for you show them kindness

Eric's three things

I believe he would take some extra food for anyone in need that he see's. he would also take his love so he could share it. lastly he would take his camera because through out the book he takes pictures of what he sees around him so he can share his experience

Text evidence

in the book Eric says " I asked one of Juan's relatives if he could take a picture. she replied " please share this with the world" he also said that each child in the orphanage in Santa fe cared for each other like they were brother and sister

This smore was created by Lacie Moore