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Vibrating dildo is one of the most pleasurable sex toys that every girl loves. Known to be invented in the 1880s, the vibrators are used for sexual stimulation by single and married girls. But, apart from the sexual pleasure that this toy renders to every girl; a number of myths have been associated with it. These myths are some of the reasons that a girl fears to use them. But actually, these myths are just misconceptions as they are not based on any factual evidence. Hence, every girl must not believe on any of those myths.

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Some of the myths are as follows:

1. Vibrators Can Damage the Nerves

The clitoris is very rich in nerve endings and known to produce an extreme pleasurable sexual stimulation. However, it is a myth that one who buy vibrators dildo sex toys and use them for a greater amount of time can result into lasting nerve damage. A proper amount of usage will not harm you.

2. Vibrating Dildos Replaces the Partner

It is a common myth that most of the girls have. Basically, these dildos are used to increase the sexual desire, the physical intensity. They can never exceed the pleasure of making love with a partner who loves you all night long.

3. Vibrator Dildos Are Morally Wrong

This generally depends on one’s perception and opinion. However, using them is definitely not wrong, as every individual on this earth wishes to bring some adventure, newness and pleasure in his sex life.

4. Vibrators Will Permanently Numb My Genitals

If you are using vibrator dildo for a prolonged time, then it may cause temporary numbness, but it might not cause permanent numbness. If you’ll keep using it constantly for an excessive period of time, you might not feel the same sensation as you felt initially.

5. They Are Just Used For Masturbation

It is important to understand that dildos, vibrators are not just used for masturbation; rather they strengthen your relationship. When a couple gets open to exploring some adventure and creativity in their sex life; it gives birth to a new tangent of pleasure, love and intimacy.

6. They Force Orgasms Unnaturally

The vibrating dildo just provides an environment for an orgasm. It does not force it. Using your finger (fingering) to stimulate the clitoris is the same as using a dildo.

Have a Complete Knowledge

Incomplete knowledge about anything is dangerous and when it comes to using sex toys, you must have the complete knowledge. You might certainly come across a number of misconceptions and myths, but you must study a research the web to grab the complete knowledge.


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