Big Teacher is Watching

GoGuardian for Teachers: Classroom Management Made Simple
GoGuardian for Admins: Web Filtering and Chromebook Analytics for Schools

Creates Inequality

Lower income and students without access to Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) or WI-FI could potentially be excluded from full access to the internet outside of the classroom.

1984 Brought to the Classroom

Teachers and Administrators can observe everything you do. They can see your chats, see your internet history, and see your search history through one program on their own ICT.

Destroys Student Privacy and Stifles Free Thought

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Need to research depression, self-harm, terrorism, or porn for a project? You could be flagged! Are you actually depressed or self-harming, and you're looking up ways to help yourself? You could get a call from your guidance counselor! Straying from the topic in class while on your chromebook? The teacher can interfere!
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Atmosphere of Fear

The ability to freely research and access controversial topics in class and at home can be an important part of school, increasing your knowledge and expanding your horizons. The internet allows this to occur. Blocking off certain portions at school, at home, or anywhere and allowing teachers and administrators to access student devices and view their history inhibits growth, normalizes invasion of privacy, and creates an atmosphere of fear. This program serves as a crutch for the student, "protecting" them from "negative" influences and potentially hurting them in the long-term. Overall, the student is limited, intimidated, and cannot achieve their full potential.