Moving Image Advertising

By Tom Humphries and Ian Jeffrey


Moving image advertising largely refers to the broadcast media that is television. Television is the most powerful media - reaching 98% of households, and viewing figures for some programmes can exceed 20 million. However, television advertisements are very expensive and short lived.


Television advertisements can attract a lot of attention and can get people talking about the products. Adverts can demonstrate the product in use and can potentially reach a global audience. This method of advertising allows companies to repeatedly reinforce their brand and product by using frequent television adverts, increasing awareness. Sattelite television means specific audiences can be targetted, for example, car enthusiasts can be targetted through advertisements on the Discovery Turbo channel or a food related product can be advertised on Food Network. There are fewer 15-24 year olds watching television, and more 55+ which can benefit companies with older target audiences. This method of advertising can add credibility to product or company. TV adverts have an interactive capability.


When companies implement television advertisements, there comes weaknesses. Television advertising is fairly high in cost compared to other methods of medium, this cost then will have to be passed onto the consumer to be able to cover the expense. Adverts are very short lived, with and average of around 30 seconds meanig that possible customers may not see the message or it may not sink in. Another weakness for this method of advertising is the customer has the power because the remote allows them to turn over the channel when commerials come on, meaning that the figures of channel viewings relating to the viewing of adverts will not be realistic. If the advert is made poorly, or gives off the wrong message this could cause the brand image to suffer. There are fewer 15-24 year olds watching television, and more 55+ meaning that adverts for younger people will be wasted.

Production Requirements

When making television adverts there are many requirements that need to be considered, including;

- Employment for all people required

- Producers

- Camera crew

- Actors

- Graphic designers

- Editors

- Studio

- Equipment (e.g. computers, lighting, cameras etc)

Cost of Media Space

"Researchers calculated that the cost of 30 seconds of television advertising now costs just £4.81 per thousand adults. When adjusted for inflation, this is 29pc cheaper than the peak year of 2000."