Body Paragraph

By Kyra S. and Jada H.

Why We Need It

The body paragraph is the main part of the expository paragraph that helps expand on the thesis statement, so the audience/ readers can understand where the writer stands in the issue

Where Should this Be?

The body paragraph should always be after the introduction and thesis statement, which would place it in the middle of the writing piece between the introduction/thesis statement and the conclusion paragraph.

What it needs to be Strong

  • A transitional topic sentence, that supports your thesis statement, states the main idea of the paragraph

  • Give examples to support the topic sentence

  • Place some kind of evidence to support the example, cite or get information about the evidence

  • A brief conclusion statement that tells the readers why the evidence supports your thesis

Strong Example

"These 21st centries gaming technologies focus on allowing normal -life people to control a character on a TV. The character on the TV does wild things that the player only wishes he/she could do. Different types of games also allow the player to experience and control everyday life from a different perspective. These systems can give the player a sense of power that is fun to experience. Because of this, these machines may become addicting to many, causing people to blow off their normal everyday work in order to make more time for gaming. This may cause bad grades for adolescents, low salaries for those in the work force, and sometimes damaged relationships with friends and family that designated times should be spent with. Modern gaming systems can be just an enjoyable hobby if they are used wisely and not placed above priorities in importance."(

Needs Improvement

"Advantages like texting and talking all the time, unlimited. Got so many new apps. From games to Facebook, got internet. If you want, you can even do your homework and projects on your phone. It has gotten like a million advantages. But it also has gotten many disadvantages too. Children, especially teen are getting more addicted to it. They don't know how harmful it can be. Children and teens are slowly forgetting what family is and like to live alone, staying in their rooms for 24 hours. Are moving towards bad company and much more. All I am saying is that use your cellphones but to a limit."(

Information/ Inside the Paragraph

  • "meat" of the essay

  • outlined by the Thesis, they include reasons, plus the details and examples, that provide the support for your thesis.

  • Topic sentence about paragraph

  • Contains specific textual evidence

  • Has explaination about the evidence

  • Function, example, negation

Plan For Sucess!!

  • Topic sentence- state the main idea of the paragraph so it relates with the thesis statement

  • Giving examples- start off with a "For instance," or "For example," statement to support your topic sentence

  • Supporting evidence- Cite or give information you found using other resources

  • Conclusion sentence- Give a strong brief statement to back up your evidence, say why it supports your thesis