Baby Kason's Life

7 July 2015

Creating Kason & our first night! 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

Me & my boyfriend met in January. Kason was born July 7th, 2015. Me & Kason had a rough first night. Kason woke up like a million times. He has a high pitched crying sometimes it seems as nothing will soothe him but I refuse to give him a pacifier. Kason woke up to eat about every 2-3 hours. I had to change him almost as frequently as he ate.

Co-Sleeping (the great debate)

Me & My husband got into an argument about co-sleep or sleeping with the baby. I think it's a terrible idea for several reasons. You could roll over & smother the baby, you could be holding him in your arms and drop him, or worse. He felt that it would be beneficial to the bond Kason will has/ will have with us.

Kason's play date

Baby Kason has Asthma

I noticed Kason was breathing heavily and when he would inhale he would wheeze. I took Kason to the doctor and I was told that Kason had asthma. Kason has to do breathing treatments & has an asthma inhaler.

Getting you significant other to help with the baby.

Though getting your husband, boyfriend, baby-daddy whomever to actively participate may seem like quite the hassle, its not. Try show & tell. LOL :) as cheesy as that sounds it works. This can be done using any simple task, just show him what works well as he does it for example fixing a bottle or changing a diaper. Also arrange for time alone between the two. Allow your new baby to be just as acquainted to his father as he is to you. One more thing, Delay the rescue. Allow him to roll out of bed at 3 am when the baby is crying for a bottle. Don't run to the rescue, allow your significant other time to learn ways to soothe the fussy baby.


I believe in immunizations just not unnecessary immunizations. Immunizations are good but they do have risks. Pain and soreness can persist for weeks, causing hospitalization, and possible death. The benefits of the flu are of course, no flu and you are less susceptible to the flu. I don't think Kason should get the immunization because I wouldn't deem it as necessary.