Gender and society

Gerard Santiveri

Women know your limits

In my opinion this sketch is about the inequality in the last century, where men expected that women shouldn't express her opinions. So they would agree with all that the men say and her only function would be to be pretty for them.

Actually in this sketch when a woman speaks her mind (she doesn't approve with the opinion of their friends husband) her husband takes her to his home, because for them is embarassing.

To sum up, I think that the title of this video is quite funny because is real.(In this video the woman is clearly smarter than the men).

Spiderman Princess

In my opinion this mother wasn't sexist she just tried to save his son/daughter from the laughs of his/her partners in school because if not she wil let her kid wear any costume Because, in theory, mothers just do anything, in her hands, to make her children happy.

Junior Masterchef

Firstly I would like to say that Victor is the result of a society in which men thinks that they are superior than women ,actually this is completely false.

Actually his fathers said that he never made a sexist comment.

I believe that they are lying because when this boy said that, he said it as something normal, so is normal to think that he said it before.

Solving Problems...

In my viewpoint something that needs to be fixed is the malnutrition,because is estimated to contribute to more than one third of all child deaths. So before I die i will try to solve it, you can think that i'm a daydreamer but we should do something about it and i can stnad watching how it increase.

Actually Spain is the second country of Europe with a higher rate of it. So if you want you can donate to El banc dels aliments or to Red Cross.

Men Stereotype

I think that in the first image shows a clear stereotype against men in which says that men can't do more than one task at the same time.

And in the second picture tries to say that women have been taken care of the houise tasks forever and is jus tnow that men are triying to do some house tasks. With this one I agree a lot because inthe past men never have take care of house tasks.

Soft Generation?

In my opinion, men should know how to do everything related with home, without matter if it's related with his gender or not, and the same for women.

And of course men should know how to change diapers is not just work for the mother.

Men Jobs

No, In my viewpoint we shouldn't classify jobs for if it should be for men or for women, because there are certain jobs that might seem exclusive for women but maybe some men are really good doing it so that can create social differences, and we can't allow it.