Ethan Allen

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Born and died

Ethan Allen was born in Litch field , Connecticut in Jan 21,1738 in died the year of Feb 12, 1789

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Family and growing up

Allen and his four brothers eager to control the region by themselves organized a band of frontier ruffians called Green mountain They harassed and terrorized settlers, sheriffs and anybody who got in their way.

Important Acomplishment of Ethan Allen

He secured an important ,early victory for the American revolution and a few other battles.

What side did Ethan Allen favor?

He was on the Americans side it wasn't really for the patriotism but for the profit he also did secure an important early victory for the American Revolution.

The impotants of this to the american revolution.

He is important because he led an early victory to the American revolution. Also the Connecticut Assembly requested Allen to attack and capture the British post at fort Ticonderoga which was known to be lightly garrisoned. Assisted by benedict Arnold, Allen mastered 200 of his green mountain boys, marched west and surprised the sleeping British commander on May 10, 1775 demanding immediately to surrender.

Ethan Allen is a important person because:

He was important because he led a few victory's that were important to the American Revolution. He was also known ass a war hero because of what he did during the war.