The Weekly Scoop

Ms. Schwarz's Fourth Grade

School News

Friday is a 2 hour early dismissal day for students. Carpool, parent pick-up and walkers/bikers will be dismissed at 1:35. The BAS students and bus riders will follow.

Thank you for all of the students, parents, families, and friends of Munford who came out to help with the Playground Clean-Up Day. It was a success and our class was very well represented.

Interim reports are going home today. Please sign one copy and send it back to me. Keep the other copy for your records. Keep in mind that there have not been too many grades yet. So, if your child did poorly on a quiz or two, that will explain an N or a U.

Munford's PTA Middle School Night is at 7PM. There will be representatives from Hill, IB, and Binford. This meeting will be held at Munford.

Wednesday night is a PTA Spirit Night at Oleo Bistro on Main Street. Apparently, Oleo Bistro has great sandwiches.

WHITE FOLDER REMINDERS - Please return all student papers to me each week. Sign any tests that are a D or an F. Keep in mind that the students have not seen these graded papers, except for looking through the folder. I grade during the week and finish up on the weekend. Please encourage your child to bring a paper to me to ask about an answer or an area of confusion. Your child needs to go to the teacher and advocate for themselves. This is a good skill to develop, and fourth grade is the right time.

Subject by Subject

This week in math we are finishing up Topic 2. We will have a test on Topic 2 on Friday. Topic 2 reviews addition and subtraction and works some problem solving.

In language arts we are continuing to work on my Yale unit. We are reading Brown Girl Dreaming and creating a graphic novel project to depict the closing of the Farmville Schools during Massive Resistance.

We will have new spelling words this week, but the test will be next week.

In Virginia Studies (social studies) we are working on the regions of Virginia. The students are learning about the regions and developing their own written descriptions of each region. A study guide for VS2 will go home this week. The test will be next week.

In science we are working on the parts of an experiment and measurement. The science test will be next Wednesday. A study guide will go home this week. There should not be too much studying involved for this one.

The following students earned 5 AR points: Clarkie, Jackson, Travis, Davis, Graham, Ruby, Caleb, Kimoni, Alec, Cooper, and Milind. Congratulations! Next week I will publish the names of students with 8 or more AR points.