Whitford Newsletter

February 2022

Principal's Message

Hello Whitford Families,

While there might only be fifteen student contact days in February, there’s no shortage of information and news coming out of Whitford. We have ended our first semester and teachers are working hard to assess student work measured against learning targets and making summary judgements so you as parents and guardians have a clear picture of what your student has or has not mastered. Beyond our academic marks of 1-4, please pay attention to the behavior marks given by teachers. There is usually a direct correlation between behavior marks and how students are performing. If their academic marks are lower than expected, take a look at the behavior marks. It might help clear up any confusion.

February is also conference month. We will be conducting conferences in a similar fashion to how they were done in October. We are still not allowed to have people in our building, so in-person conferences will need to wait until next year. All parents/guardians received an email on how to indicate when you would like your communication from teachers for conferencing. We will do our best to meet your needs, but please remember that teachers simply don’t have enough conference hours to meet with their entire student load. They will need to prioritize who to call or email. If you don’t receive information on your student during conferences from a specific teacher, reach out to the teacher via email and they will respond.

Believe it or not, forecasting is just around the corner. Our 8th graders will be meeting with high school counselors to forecast for next year and our returning students and 5th graders will be forecasting for their electives around the end of the month. For those students returning, we will be offering the same electives as all other middle schools. Art, Drama, Technology, Band, Choir, Spanish (both native and beginning). This is an exciting time for students as most students get two elective choices. 7th and 8th grade students will be choosing yearlong electives.

On the student behavior front, we have seen a sharp decline in aggressive student behavior as compared to the beginning of the year. This is welcomed news as our staff has created rapport with our student body and we are able to deescalate student behavior before anything gets aggressive. I want to thank not only you as parents/guardians for talking to your students about proper behavior, but also to our amazing staff who is more visible, aware, and understanding of student needs.

However, getting to class on time has been a challenge for some. We are having more students find a way out of class and roaming the halls than at the beginning of the year. We have our campus monitor and other support staff, but we need your support to eliminate this dilemma. It would be helpful if you have a conversation with your student about the importance of staying in class for the entire 42 minutes. This will increase student achievement and continue to keep our school safe.

Our students have faced a whirlwind of changes over the past two years. I believe it was two years ago last week that the first COVID-19 case was reported in the United States. Since that event, our students have been through a two-week pause, ending a school year on Zoom, uncertainty over how school will look for the next year, starting a year on Zoom, trying to figure out hybrid, returning to school this year will guidelines and protocols about social distancing and masking, as well as contact tracing and new variants. I have always believed that children are resilient, and this proves not only are they resilient, but are also able to adapt and adjust to adversity and change. A life skill they will need to be successful in the workplace and in life.

Brian Peerenboom, Principal

Parent Teacher Conference Sign up

Whitford Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled for the evening of Wednesday, February 16th and all day on Thursday, February 17th. In order to contact as many families as possible, our format will be similar to our Fall Conferences. There will be School on Wednesday February 16th but no school on Thursday and Friday February 17-18.

English Conference Form

Spanish Conference Form

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6th Grade Choir Concert

The 6th Grade Choir gave a fantastic performance on January 27th to close out their semester. Congratulations, singers!

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Whitford Drama Presents

The Love of Three Oranges

Whitford’s production is based on an old school Italian comedy, filled with fairy tales, curses, witches and fruit. Come watch and laugh as our Prince, who is stricken ill with sadness, will die unless he can find a way to laugh. Send in the Clowns. Enjoy our production as the Prince goes on a quest to find three oranges.

Show times:

March 3 7PM

March 4 7PM

March 5 2PM matinee and 7PM show

Cost is $5 per person -- tickets available at the door.

Whitford Weekly (Student Newspaper)

Whitford Weekly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYKiXnHP3KU

Students in Mr. Rooke-Ley’s class have been working on a college project that combines future plans with learning to work with compound interest. Students selected colleges and universities of their choice and worked through a set of scenarios around loans, deposits, interest and the financial benefits of saving. See attached photos!

Technology class

Math Students Make Plans for College

Students in Mr. Rooke-Ley’s class have been working on a college project that combines future plans with learning to work with compound interest. Students selected colleges and universities of their choice and worked through a set of scenarios around loans, deposits, interest and the financial benefits of saving.
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THPRD Track at Whitford

THPRD offers a track program at Whitford. Please call THPRD for details. 503-629-6340

Track begins February 24 and meets on Tuesdays and Thursday after school.

Cool Coachman Winners

Each week we do a Cool Coachman drawing for prizes. Whitford students work hard to win a "Cool Coachman" for Success, Teamwork, Empathy, Accountability, and Motivation (S.T.E.A.M.).

Congratulations to our Cool Coachmen winners for the month of January! Keep up the good work!

The student names are in a table and listed at the end of this newsletter in a PDF.

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Help Fund our Math Buzzers!!

In order to support all of our students filling in learning gaps and building new foundational skills in math, our teachers are constantly looking for new, fun ways to engage students in math practice. We are requesting a grant through BEF to buy a game buzzer system for each math classroom in order to play math trivia and Jeopardy style games! The grant would fund one buzzer system per math classroom and would engage all students in their math learning while also building teamwork skills. We appreciate any contributions you are willing to make to our campaign!

Use this link to take you to the BEF website for donating.

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Dental Sealants

Virginia Garcia will be here in March to offer free Dental Sealants to 6th and 7th grade students. If you would like to participate, please fill out the form below.

School Sealant Consent (English)


School Sealant Consent (Spanish)


Breaking Barriers//Rompiendo Barreras

Breaking Barriers will meet via Zoom on February 10th from 6-7:30PM. This is a meeting for our Spanish Speaking Parents.

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 250 194 4344

Passcode: 397488

Whitford Yearbooks for Sale

The Yearbook is now available for purchase. The cost is $15. To purchase a yearbook with a credit card, you can go through the online payment system. To pay with cash or check, have your student bring payment to the office. Yearbooks are handed out to students the last week of school.

Immunization Exclusion Day - February 16

Immunizations are required by state law for children and students in attendance at public and private schools, preschools, child care facilities and Head Start programs in Oregon. Nearly every facility that provides care for a child outside the home requires immunizations or a medical or non-medical exemption to remain enrolled.

Exclusion Day for this school year is Wednesday, February 16, for children who are not up-to-date on their vaccines. Students can see their health care providers, go to a school-based health center or contact the Washington County Health Department to find other vaccination locations.

While recommended, BSD doesn’t require students to be vaccinated for COVID-19. Students won’t be excluded on February 16 if they haven't received a COVID-19 vaccination.

More information, including a full list of required immunizations for the 2022-23 school year, can be found on the School Nursing and Student Health webpage.

Upcoming Events


4 Grading Day No School for Students

7 First day of Second Semester (Aday)

10 Breaking Barriers 6-7:30 PM

10 7/8 Winter Choir Concert 7:00 PM

16 8th Grade forecasting (HS on site ) 9:20-10:20AM

16 Immunization Exclusion

16 Parent teacher Conferences 5-8pm

17 No School Parent teacher Conferences 8-8pm

18 No School

21 President's Day -- No school

22 Staff Development Day -- No School

24 THPRD track begins at Whitford after school


3 Dental Sealants 9:15-4

3 Fall Play 7-8pm

3 NAEP testing 8th grade

4 Dental Sealants 9:15-4

4 Fall Play 7pm

5 Fall Play 2pm and 7-8pm

17 Band Spring Concert 7pm

21-25 Spring Break No School

When you are looking at the Calendar in Parent Square, make sure your focus is set to Whitford to see all the Whitford events.