Canadian Olympic Athlete

Gabrielle Daleman

Childhood and Family

Gabrielle Daleman is a Figure Skater for the Canadian Olympic Team. Gabby was born on January 13th 1998,Toronto Ontario. Gabby has one brother and his name is Zachary Daleman. Her mom's name is Rhonda Raby and her father's name is Michael Daleman. A perfect Family of Four !

Educational Background and Role Models

Gabby went to the York Region District School Board. Her profession is a Figure Skater. Her School's name is Richmond Green Secondary School in Richmond Hill. Surprisingly, she is graduating from R.G.S. It stands For Richmond Green Secondary. Her Role Model is Joannie Rochette. She was inspired by her as well.
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Challenges and Training

Gabby's challenges are that she competed in the 2012 junior championships. The Olympics are a bit hard because she just competed in the junior championships. Her coaches are professional trainers but not as good as Daleman. Her coaches name's are Andrei Berezintev, Inga Zusev and Michael Daleman . Gabby's former coach is Kent Grice. Her choreographer is Lori Nichol. She began skating professionally in 2002. She trained in Richmond Hill.
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Goals and Accomplishments

Gabby won the 2013 Canadian silver medal in the championships. A few years ago her goal was to make it into the 2014 winter Olympics. So she could compete in figure skating. Now her goal is to get a gold medal and continue to be such a good skater. She will probably receive a medal too!
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Interesting Facts and Road To Sochi

Gabby 's birthday is a day after mine, but different years. Gabby's birthday is January 13th. Isn't that cool ! This year Gabby turned sixteen. She is the youngest Canadian figure skater, in this years Olympics. Gabrielle Daleman and Kaetlyn Osmond finish at 1-2 at Canadian figure skater in this years Olympics.
Gabrielle Daleman - 2013 World Junior Championships - LP