ECHS New Student Guidance and FAQ

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Students and Parents

Welcome to ECHS!

We are so happy to have you with us next year. As there is a lot of information we are creating two landing spots for new students and parents to access information. This is the first and will be where we post updated FAQ info. The second is our Website. We have created a section for new students where they can access documents and other important information.

Here is a direct link:

The path is our main page >Academics>New Students

Frequently Asked Questions - Dates Included to Show Updates

ECHS Campus Assignment and PCC Campus Assignment

You might notice in your mypcc account that PCC has assigned you to a campus. PCC assigns campuses to students based on their home zip code. You can ignore any campus assignment that PCC lists.

ECHS assigned you to either Rock Creek or Sylvania. Any campus that PCC lists does not change your registration in any way any does not change your ECHS assigned campus.

High School Permission Letter and Registration Holds

PCC places a hold on all student accounts until you have gone through our registration meeting and your paperwork and your G# has been processed in their system. Holds will be removed from your account by July 9th.

ECHS and Home high school relationship

Q: Can you explain the relationship with the home school and ECHS?

A: We will go into more detail on this during our Registration/Orientation meeting in a couple weeks and in our student orientation in the Fall, but here is a quick run overview. ECHS is a program, not a school and our staff are employees of the Beaverton School District. Students are cross enrolled in ECHS

-TTSD students are cross-enrolled with their current high school (Tualatin or Tigard HS)

-BSD students are cross-enrolled with their current high school whether this is a neighborhood high school or an Option School

-Home Schooled or Private School Students – you will enroll in your neighborhood high school and you will be cross enrolled in that school.

ECHS students are able to participate after school events and activities at their cross enrolled high schools (athletics, after school activities and events like dances and proms). Students keep their student ID numbers when they join ECHS, but it is important for students and families to know that limited announcements and information comes to ECHS from cross-enrolled high schools, so students need to monitor their district email, canvas pages, websites etc. Due to state funding guidelines, students cannot take classes during the school day at their cross-enrolled high school.

Computers and Chromebook Check-out

ECHS supplies Chromebooks to any student that needs one. Students who are currently enrolled in the Beaverton School District will keep their Chromebook over the summer and use that Chromebook during the 2021-22 school year. Students who are coming to us from TTSD or from a private school will have the opportunity to check out a chromebook on ----

What can we do to prepare for the Fall

One of the biggest shifts moving from your current school to ECHS is that in college students are held to adult expectations by PCC and our students are treated like any other student on the PCC campus.

-all communication at the college level can only go to the student.

-Professors can only communicate directly with students about grades and about progress.

-Professors will not communicate directly with parents if they have questions about grades or student progress.

ECHS is here to help and be a guide, but our students have a great deal more responsibility on their shoulders in this program than in their high schools. Students and parents can prepare for this shift now. One significant shift we discuss in our required courses is that students need to be their own advocates, they need to become comfortable emailing and meeting with their professors or our staff when they need help, and they need to learn how to navigate the PCC system on their own. So, along those lines, if families have questions about this program, students should be the ones to email our staff. Parents, must not be the only reading this FAQ, because it is our students that are held accountable for this information. Students need to be the ones checking their email over the summer for updates and responding to those updates. They need to be the ones to know how to sign up for classes on their own etc etc. Parents, by all means help and support your students, but now is the time when they need to take ownership of these responsibilities.

What will classes look like in the Fall

PCC will not make a final determination until later in June. Their initial and tentative announcement was that they anticipate campuses will transition to the, "Sustained Reopening" phase for Fall Term. You can read more about their announcement and the different levels of reopening here. In the "Sustained Reopening" phase courses or activities that meet a certain criteria will be in-person and those that do not will remain remote. The full list of academic programs that meet the "Sustained Reopening," phase can be found here, but the bulk of the courses offered in person during this phase are in Career/Technical, Trades and health care related fields which first term students typically do not take. It is important to note that PCC has only made a tentative announcement at this time and the final announcement will not be made for several weeks.

How do grades and trascripts work at ECHS?

Before each term students have a meeting with their counselor to select courses and ensure students are completing their high school requirements. At the end of each term ECHS supplies BSD or TTSD with your student’s PCC transcript and grades and credits are applied to the high school transcript. Because high schools are on a semester credit system and colleges are on a credit hour system there is a conversion that school districts use to convert the credits.

College Credits.

1 Credit class = .25 HS Credits

1 Credit PE class = .5 HS Credits

2,3,4 Credit Class = .5 HS Credits

5 + Credit class = 1.0 HS Credits

Is it possible for a student to earn their Associates Degree while at ECHS?

About 40% of our students earn an AA degree at the time of their graduation. The average student graduates with 70-75 college credits completed at the time of graduation which is about 1 term short of their AA degree. There are several factors as to why students choose not to earn their AA degree. 1) entry math course- students need to earn a certain number of math credits above Math 95 to earn their AA degree. If students start at a lower math course they cannot complete the math sequence in 6 college terms. 2) College acceptances and programs: Senior year most of our student going directly to a 4 year school focus on taking courses that will match particular 4 year programs. These do not always match the required courses for the AA degree. ECHS supports students who are interested in earning their AA degree; however, what is most important is that our students establish their goals and dreams and interests.

What happens if ECHS is not a good fit? Can we return to our previous school?

ECHS has a retention rate in the 90% range. However, we do have students that choose to return to their home school on their own or because of lack of academic progress. Student always have the right to return to their neighborhood high school The exception to this would be students coming from a private school or students coming from the International School of Beaverton. Obviously private schools make their own admission decisions. For ISB, because 11th and 12th grade courses are 2 year courses, students can only return to ISB up to the semester break of their Junior year. After that time they would not have enough instructional hours to meet IB HL standards. Students from ISB leaving ECHS after the Junior year semester 1 break would return to their neighborhood high school.

For students coming from BSD BASE or from BSD ACMA, returning is on a case by case basis based on the enrollment capacity at that school at the time of transfer. Students not able to return to BASE or ACMA can enroll in their neighborhood high school.

Can we take classes over the summer?

ECHS only pays for classes during the Fall, Winter and Spring Terms.

For those students that are willing to pay for courses on their own, we typically do not recommend new students take a Summer course at PCC before they are enrolled in ECHS.

Depending on the course there can be a very big difference in expectations between high school and college. We help students navigate through these differences in our Orientation course, CG101/102, which new students will take their first term. College classes are more condensed and move at a faster pace than high school courses; however PCC summer courses are a week shorter than Fall, Winter and Spring.. As there are less students on campus there is less academic support in the Student Learning Center, and as our staff is not on campus there is no support from our program. Finally, Summer courses tend to be taught be less tenured instructors.

We have had students that have been successful taking a class over the summer, but we have also had students that took a class and struggled and it put them behind coming in to the program.

Computer, what's the deal?

Q: Do I need to buy a computer?

A: No, you do not need to purchase your own computer. BSD students you will be keeping your computers over the summer. TTSD, or students joining us from a Private or Homeschooled environment will we have an opportunity for you to check out a chromebook before classes start in September.

The date for out of district students to check out a chromebook is July 13th from 1:00-4:00pm at BSD Central Office which is located at 16550 SW Merlo Rd, Beaverton, OR 97003. We will have an additional check out time closer to the start of classes in the Fall if this date and time does not work for you.

Q: Can I use my own computer?

A: Yes, that is not a problem


This will make a little more sense when courses are posted.

Q: I would like to separate my CG101 and 102 course and take them at different times or with different instructors

A:CG101/102 class cannot be split. They are coded as 2 classes by PCC but they are taught as one continuous class. The coursework for each is blended together by each instructor and it is graded as one class. Students are assigned to a particular CG101/102 class that will be taught by their counselor and this is by design as their counselor is student's main point of contact and support throughout their time at ECHS.