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December 13, 2019

Important Dates Ahead

12/13 - Teen Center (5th -7th Grade) Bay Lane Elementary 7:00pm-9:00pm

12/17 - 6th Grade Band Concert 7:00pm - Muskego Lakes Gym

12/23 - 1/1 - Winter Break - No students in attendance

1/15 - Freshman Orientation 6:00pm - Muskego High School

1/29 - MHS Course Information Night 5:00pm - Muskego High School

Participation at an All-Time High!

Our Parent Satisfaction Survey is now closed. Thank you to all the families that took the survey. We are excited to share that we exceeded the 213 surveys completed last year. This year 305 surveys were completed! Family feedback has been invaluable in improving our school past years and we are sure this year will be no different!

The independent company conducting the survey will now take time to calculate all the information and prepare it to be shared with schools in the new year. Once we receive it, we will review the feedback, commit to next steps and communicate those to families.

With Gratitude,

Ms. Rydzewski & Mr. Krupar

Muskego Lakes Principals

Universal Screening Process at MLMS

Early identification and prevention of academic failure is the purpose of our Multi-Tiered System of Support in the Muskego-Norway School District. So, all students take universal screening assessments three times a year, measuring achievement in both reading and math. At Muskego Lakes, the universal screener is the iReady assessment. Following each administration of the iReady assessment, universal screening teams at each school engage in a systematic processes to analyze data in order to determine next steps for students who may be in need of intervention. The process is as follows:

  • All students take the fall universal screener, the iReady assessment, in the fall.

  • The school team has an ongoing watchlist of students who are in need of extra support based on their reading and math assessment history.

  • Literacy and math teachers have problem solving conferences with students on the watchlist to come alongside each student and help him/her reflect and set a goal for 2nd quarter.

  • All students take the winter universal screener, the iReady assessment, in the winter.

  • The school team reviews trend data for any students who score below the 40th percentile on the mid-year iReady assessments.

  • Additional assessments are given to students who fall below the 40th percentile in order to determine whether additional support is needed- in addition to their core academic classes- to address fluency, comprehension, math problem solving, or computation.

  • The universal screening team then meets with literacy and math teachers to review universal screening data, Forward data, formative classroom data, as well as the results of any additional assessments in order to determine whether each student would qualify for an academic intervention in reading or math for 2nd semester.

  • Literacy and math teachers then reach out to families to let them their if their child has been recommended for intervention.

  • Our school guidance counselor, Janine Hake, reaches out to families regarding changes in students’ schedules based on the intervention recommendation. Students in intervention will get access to research based interventions in a small group setting in the place of an elective.

If you have any questions about our universal screening process at MLMS, please reach out to Rachel or Chad, Principals, Stacey Malek, School Psychologist, Emily Pratt, Teaching & Learning Coach, or Janine Hake, School Counselor.

Pre-ACT Update

Earlier this school year, all 8th graders completed the PreACT exam. This assessment provides important information in the areas of English, Reading, Math, and Science. Additionally, the PreACT gives information about STEM preparedness and career interests.

Then, your child reviewed his or her test results alongside administration, school counselors from Muskego Lakes and MHS, and 8th grade teachers.

After winter break, teachers here at Muskego Lakes will facilitate an item analysis with students across the core content areas.

In addition, we have mailed home a copy of your child’s PreACT results. Once you receive this information, please take some time to discuss the report with your child as this document provides a wealth of information. It can help identify strengths, areas of career interest, and more. With high school course selection ahead, we highly encourage students to consider taking courses that align with their interests as well as at least one course of rigor.

Using Your PreACT Results is a resource that will help to further guide discussions at home around this assessment.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Janine Hake, School Counselor, ( or the administrative team.

Teachers On Call

Make a difference and join Teachers On Call as a substitute today. Teachers On Call provides substitutes, paraprofessionals, and classroom aides to school districts, including Muskego-Norway! You can start the application process today by visiting their website.

PTO Updates

Shop with SCRIP

  • Looking to help our PTO while shopping for the holidays? Consider shopping with Scrip! It is quick, easy and costs you nothing. Visit the link for more details. **Shop with Scrip

Volunteers Needed

  • Do you have some spare time to help make copies, laminate, etc? The staff greatly appreciates the help of volunteers like you! Sign up HERE for dates/times that work into your busy schedule.
  • Do you have some spare time to volunteer at the Muskego Lakes PBIS store? The store is open every other Friday during lunch. Students visit the store to redeem red tickets they earned for positive behavior around school. Sign up HERE for dates/times that would fit into your schedule!

Reporting a Concern

Muskego Lakes Middle School will provide a safe, secure and respectful learning environment for all students at school, on buses, and at school-sponsored events. Linked below is a form that can be used by any student or parent/guardian of a student to report any alleged rude behavior, mean behavior, bullying behavior, harassment, or intimidation that occurs on school property, at a school-sponsored activity, or on a school bus. The information submitted will be reviewed by the principals, Ms. Rydzewski & Mr. Krupar. If you know of any families frustrated with any situation regarding their child, please refer them to this form. The sooner we know of a concern that sooner we can intervene. Thank you!

Report a Concern

Important Dates Ahead

Important dates for the coming weeks and months are all located on the Muskego Lakes website.

The calendar and events are found on the main page. Look under "Upcoming Events".

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