Edgewood's Tiger Talk

November 3, 2016

Principal's Update

Each year, our staff crafts a Continuous Growth Plan. This year, one of our goals is to increase accountable talk in classrooms. What!?! Get them to talk more? Yes (when it's on topic). One reason we decided on this goal is because research tells us that oral language and conversation lay the foundation for critical thinking and learning. As adults, we often "talk things through" with our friends and colleagues. We do this because talking through ideas helps us to make sense of them, and it helps us to understand more deeply. The same holds true for our children.

Another reason we chose this goal is that it addresses two skills our children will need to be successful in their futures--communication and collaboration. "These days it is what you do with the knowledge that counts. Beyond just finding and memorizing the facts, an educated and productive person in today's world must be able to evaluate the facts and use them for meaningful problem solving. Future workers need to know how to use a variety of critical thinking skills to build complex ideas and solve problems with others." (Academic Conversations, 2011).

So what does this focus on accountable talk mean for your child in class? Teachers are focusing on asking more questions that ask them to explain how, why, or justify their answers. We're also working on teaching students how to talk to and listen to one another. By working on teaching them to talk on topic with one another about more complex content, we're hoping to increase achievement as well as cultivate valuable life skills.

How might you work on these skills at home? Talk and listen to your child. Ask open-ended questions. For example, "What might happen if..." "Why do you think that?" "How might that affect ____?" At school, we try not to let them get away with saying, "I don't know." If they're really stuck, we might give them a couple options, or give them some time to think and then come back to them.

Sometimes it's hard to think of a topic to talk about. If you're stuck, media can be a source of inspiration. Check out this website!


Talking to learn,

Mrs. Boyd

Click Here for New Math Resources!

This website provides an overview of the math learned in each grade levels and videos that show strategies, etc.

PE Update from Mr. Warnecke

Students just finished their first fitness week of the year! During fitness week the students do a series of workouts that measure their overall fitness level. The Pacer run helps students measure their aerobic fitness level and the curl up & push up help measure core and upper body strength. All students participated and did an excellent job! Coming up next is volleyball for 3-5th grades and throwing and catching with scoops for K-2. Remind students to step with the opposite foot when they throw!

Pawsitively Edgewood--Character Education

We are continuing to foster strong character traits in our students in a variety of ways. The first 2 months of school we have focused on Acceptance. This theme has been a focus in Community Assemblies and Morning Meetings. Ask your child about their favorite part of Morning Meeting! The focus for the next several months is Confidence. We will focus on instilling this performance character trait through teaching perseverance, independence and self-advocacy.

We are in our second year of incorporating Buddy Bonding. Pairing a younger class with an older one helps foster a positive school climate while building relationships across the grade levels. Older students also learn the importance of serving as good role models, while younger students can aspire to fulfill these roles. The monthly events may include getting to know you activities, sharing of academic work and service learning projects. Ask your child which class they are working with!

Guidance Update from Mrs. Michlig

Often times I share with the students that the knowledge learned in guidance class isn’t just information for elementary school, but can be considered Life Skills. Students in the primary grades are learning how to identify and express feelings. 2nd graders are learning how to prevent conflicts by Getting the Facts. 3rd graders are learning what empathy is and how to show caring to others. We talk about putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes and showing them kindness. The ability to consider another person’s perspective can help our children with emotional regulation, preventing and solving conflicts and working with others. 4th graders are learning about Stress—how to recognize triggers and select coping strategies that work for them. 5th graders are delving into Conflict Resolution Skills and learning how their responses can become part of the solution or part of the problem. Teaching students the art of being assertively respectful is an important part of this process. Small group work is continuing on a variety of topics.

Music Update from Mrs. McClanahan

November allows us the chance in music class to experience the patriotic songs of our country as we honor Veterans Day. Then we will begin our preparations for our Winter Concert: "Let's Celebrate". Save the date for Tuesday, December 20th!

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