Ethan Ray

August 16, 1999

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results

The basics of me

Although there are many things about me that I could share, I'll just start with the basics. I i have 3 people in my family, my mom who's name is Cathi, my dad who's name is Cleatus., and then my sister who's name is Mackenzie and she is a senior here this year. I enjoy things like running, playing guitar, and cooking. I try to be friendly to everyone because it is a real crappy thing to do when people are mean to someone for no good reason.

Characteristics of me

The lazy athlete

I consider myself a lazy athlete because I love to run but I also like to sit in my room all day and watch Netflix and eat the worst foods for your body, but then there are days when I want to eat healthy and run.

At one point I was just an athlete and i could run 6 miles without stopping and then the laziness was brought out in me and now i can hardly go 3 miles without wheezing like a pig and almost passing out.

I have no emotions for myself hahaha

For example, if someone was being mean to someone that won't stand up for them self, I would attempt to handle the situation for the person if I felt it would be the right thing to do and it would not embarrass them and later on make the situation worse for that person.

Someone could be mean to me and I would never think anything of it, but when someone is mean to someone else it really bugs me.



Since the beginning of 8th grade I have been playing guitar, taking lessons at "Davis and Sons" in Camden. I have an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar.


I like to run but i can only run when I am stressed, so when summer comes around I gain like 500 pounds and then when school comes back and I am stressing I run instead of doing actual school work. I have plans to run for the cross country but I am still skeptical about it because after school I am real tired and just want to eat San Josè and take a nap tbh.