Principal's Corner #29

April 24, 2020

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  • Thank you, Melissa, for lightening our mood and keeping us connected with your birthday messages! Your messages are clever, funny, and heartfelt. You are amazing and go above and beyond!

From Lisa Incitti

  • To Darren Gaines, Heidi Burris, Kameron Riley, Lisa Gelwick, Erin Wehrle, Alison Berner, Pinki Singh, Angela Lang, Lois Vaughan, Megan Schultz, Susan Stroeher and Tiffany Steinmetz for their thoughtfulness during our 4th and kindergarten interviews. You were intentional and it is clear you are invested in "what is best for kids". Thank you for your time and commitment.
  • To Erin Wehrle for knowing exactly what to say at exactly the right time.
  • To Patti Rojec for her thoughtfulness. We are lucky to have such a caring and genuine person on our staff - you are a gem!
  • To the 2nd grade team for allowing me to process some things aloud with you. I appreciate you listening and brainstorming with me.
  • To Darren Dennstedt and Matthew Pedregon for giving me another set of eyes. I appreciate your perspective and support.

From Katie Johnson

  • To Glenda Cole, I'm so thankful for your help with contacting interpreters, following up and touching base with our students, and co-planning with me (even during remote learning). I'm not sure what I'd do without you!
  • To my 3rd Grade Team, Thank you for ALL you do for me! I appreciate your support, friendship, collaboration, and sense of humor more than you know! I truly would not be able to handle remote learning if it weren't for you all.
  • To Heidi Burris, Thank you for always listening and giving me such great advice! I'm so lucky to have you as a friend!

From Brooke Hall

  • To many of you, for all of the thoughtful messages of encouragement and appreciation you sent my way this past week. Your words mean a lot to me during this time of change. You're the best!
  • To Katie Johnson, for being such a great mentor this year. I came into Cottonwood with a lot to learn, and I appreciate the patience and grace you showed me.

From Alison Berner

Cougar Staff Shout Out: CLICK HERE

Has it been awhile since you gave a SHOUT OUT? It's just a click away.

Staff Preparing and Packing May 11th and 12th

You will be allowed to enter the building between 8:00am-4:00pm Monday, May 11th AND/OR Tuesday, May 12th to ONE pack up and label student materials and TWO organize/prepare your classrooms for summer. There will not be a schedule for this time. Therefore, please review this information in its entirety and plan accordingly. If you have individual concerns and/or questions, please reach out individually so we can plan accordingly.

Safety First

  • This is not a time for socializing. Social distancing must be strictly adhered to.
  • We will not have many boxes available, so please bring your own bins/boxes/carriers to organize and/or transport your materials.
  • Masks and gloves will be available, but if you have your own at home, I encourage you to bring them with you.
  • You will have access to sanitizer and sinks for hand washing.

Priority Number 1: Pack up and label student materials.

We will be sending out a survey to our community next week. Families will be given the option to pick up materials on May 13th, our distribution day (more info to come), OR to donate/recycle. We will give you class lists with this information Friday, May 8th.

  • CCSD will provide bags for you to use in packing up the belongings for students
  • Labels of student names will need to be securely attached to each bag; we will provide you with printed labels. You will need to stick and staple them to the bags.
  • By 3:00 on Tuesday, May 12th, all bags must be clearly marked for each student and lined up alphabetically in the gym. We will have signs in the gym and will help with this process.
  • For families who decide we can recycle/reuse items, please either reuse them in your own classroom OR recycle them appropriately.
  • For families who do not complete the form, please make an attempt to contact them. If no contact is made, we will prepare their bag for pick up and have it ready for distribution on the 13th.
  • Lost and Found: We have a question about this on the form to families. Please do your best to locate items described. Any items not located can be picked up when school resumes.
  • If you have personal items that belong to students that are unidentified, please put them in the lost and found.

Priority Number 2: Organize Classrooms

Non-Returning Teachers

Pack-up personal items, remove personal items, and organize classroom accordance with

principal's directives. These staff members will be a priority for a more in-depth rigorous

check-out process. We will collect technology after the last day of remote learning

(TBD) and progress reports are completed. The end of year

checkout list will be provided on or before May 8th.

Returning Teachers

Teachers who are moving classrooms within the building pack up their personal effects

and organize the classroom in accordance with their principal’s directives to move at

a later time. Staff who are not moving rooms organize classroom in accordance with

principal’s directives. Final principal walkthroughs of these rooms will be conducted in

June, and I will communicate with teachers any follow-up questions or concerns that

can’t wait until the workweek

Please know there will be additional times at the end of May and June

for staff to officially check-out.

May 13 - Cottonwood Creek Distribution Day

I need volunteers to help on this day. If you are interested and willing, please complete the form below (or by using this link). Please complete this form by 8:00am on Friday, May 1st. It is important to know that this will not be a time to connect and socialize with our students/families. We will have to adhere to strict guidelines. Once I have our volunteers, I will coordinate a meeting to review the distribution plan in more detail.

Thank you in advance.

Psychologist Interviews

We have interviews scheduled for Monday, April 27th from 12:15-3:00. It would be great to have a few classroom teachers join us in this process. Please email me if you are able to and would like to join us Monday.

PD Opportunity: Project Based Learning - June 16-18 online

Click Here to learn more about PBL WORLD

Virtual Registration: If you are interested in attending this project-based learning training virtually at no cost to participants, please contact Maria Martin to register. They will accept the first 150 registrations through May 1.

GT Office Hours with Kameron and Sarah

Monday from 2:00-3:00

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 937 2870 4411

Password: 7b4ZzB

Intervention Office Hours with Glenda and Sally

Monday from 9:00-10:00

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 982 9900 9414

Password: 3QSYK6

SpEd Office Hours with Megan, Lauren and Kori

Thursday from 8:00-9:00

The SPED team is inviting you to join our weekly office hours. Kori, Lauren and Megan will always be in attendance, but if you would like to collaborate with Allison or Jodie, please let us know in advance so they can attend.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 980 9917 5324
Password: 013540

2020-21 Planning Committee Meeting

We will meet Monday, April 27th 7:40-8:40. During this meeting we will take a close look at the class placement process and begin to look at our master schedule. All staff, if you have initial thoughts around either, please share them with your team representative.

K: Lang

1: O'Brien

2: Jansen

3: Hall

4: Burris

5: Dennstedt

Specials: Thompson

Intervention, ELL: Wuthrich

SpEd: Leggieri

Please watch the video below to help prepare for class placements.

Class Composer - Classroom Teacher Training Video

Literacy Notes from Lois

Literacy Notes

Information about ending the year in reference to READ plans has been released by our Literacy Coordinators. There is very short Screencastify with steps on how to do this.

To access the Screencastify:

  1. Schoology Tile
  2. Groups
  3. CCSD Elementary Literacy (if you are not a member, let me know)
  4. Resources (left side)
  5. Click on 19-20 READ plan info
  6. EOY READ plans for remote learning

If you have any questions, please let me know. If you want to walk through this as a team, we can do that as well.


*No decisions have been made yet regarding how long we will have access to the iReady lessons.

*If you are changing grade levels or not returning, please put your IRLA baskets in the book/collaboration room (when it is safe to do so ).

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COVID-19 Reporting Diagnosis

If you have been diagnosed either by a test or by a provider but are NOT hospitalized please call Tri County Health Department at 303-220-9200 to report your diagnosis. This is for two reasons: so an epidemiologist can talk with you about possible exposures and communicating with people you came in contact with AND so there is more accurate overall reporting for our county and state.