Fifth Grade Panda News

5th Grade Weekly Classroom Newsletter - March 10th


*Don't forget to keep sending in those baby/ toddler photographs for the 5th grade Graduation Board! Ms. Pouncey has been hard at work trying to get them copy and returned home. She is hoping to have all the photos in by Friday March 6th, so she can begin the board that afternoon. If you are more than welcome to email to her if it is easier.

*TAG classes will resume next week on Tuesday,3/17.

Rock Eagle Overnight Field Trip

5th grade students are invited to join the end-of –the-year field trip to Rock Eagle 4-H Center where they will have an opportunity to participate in hands-on science activities. This year’s itinerary includes stimulating programs such as canoeing, lake ecology, and pioneer tools. Students will also engage in exciting campfire activities, such as storytelling and sing-alongs. Programs are designed to enhance the 5th grade Science Curriculum.

Please complete all forms that have been sent home and submit them along with your first installment check ($75.00 payable to FSA ES) to Mrs. Ozkan as soon as possible. Please clearly write your child’s name in the memo of the check.

Questions? Please contact Mrs. Ozkan at

**The payments are non-refundable. There will be no exceptions.

Can Parents Chaperone? We have space for a few parent chaperones. If you wish to be a chaperone, please e-mail Mrs. Ozkan, The cost for each parent chaperone is $150.00.

Donations Needed for Graduation Party!!!

New Deadline Friday, 3/13/15

Your $35 or MORE will pay for your child to enjoy:


In order for us to make the arrangements for your child to enjoy his/her last week of elementary school, PLEASE SEND IN YOUR DONATION NOW.

Make checks payable to FSA PVO.

DEADLINE for graduation fund is: FRIDAY, MARCH 13TH

All teachers would love 100% participation, as they would like to keep the whole graduating class included on ALL activities.

**Only the 5th grade students, whose parents have contributed funds towards 5th grade graduation, will be able to participate in the external paid activities (SkyZone and Aurora Movie Theater).

If any further questions or comments please direct them to:

Mrs. Ozkan:

Prashanti Karamched:

Pinki Patel:

Fifth Grade's Curriculum Corner


5th grade On-level Reading Classes (periods 1 and 4):

Next week, we will begin the short story, “The Power of W.O.W.” We will be focusing on summarizing using story maps. We will also focus on author’s purpose, author’s perspective, and vocabulary. Students will also be practicing their fluency. Throughout the week, students will be working in small groups. Each group will focus on reading fluency, working on the new vocabulary, and finding the main idea and supporting details. On Friday, February 20, students will take a test over “The Power of W.O.W.” comprehension and vocabulary. Reading logs are also due on Friday.

5th grade Advanced Reading Class (period 7):

Next week, students will continue the novel study for “The Secret Garden.” Students will be given a study guide for chapters 1-13 on Monday, March 9. If students misplace this, it will be available in class resources. They will work on this in class Monday and Tuesday (no tag this week). We will go over it on Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday, March 13, students will tested over chapters 1-13. Reading logs and study guides are also due on Friday.

6th grade Reading classes (periods 2 and 3):

Next week, students will continue the novel study for Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry.” Students will continue to fill out their comprehension packets while reading. They will be finishing the novel next week. Students will complete comprehension questions for chapters 9 and 10. For chapters 11 and 12, students will be working on 3-4 short activities of their choice. If students misplace the packet, please e-mail me. The packet that I use also contains the tests (with answers), so I would prefer to send it via e-mail to parents. I will periodically be checking to make sure that students are completing their packets. On Friday, March 13, students will turn in their chapter 11 and 12 activities. Reading logs are also due on Friday.

On level 5th grade students will continue to use the short stories within our textbook Storytown.

Study Island

I have added assignments on Study Island for students to practice their reading skills. Please make sure your student demonstrates a mastery of 70% or more. There are also individual learning paths that have been created. This is a great tool to use to help prepare your student for the Georgia Milestones test in April.

Class Resource Page
If your student is missing an assignment or needs to print off a lost one, please refer to the class resource page on the school's portal through the school website.
**For the interactive notebook, the file was too big; therefore, it will not open. If your student is missing a specific page, please let me know, and I will send a separate e-mail.

Developmental Reading Assessment

Throughout this semester, we have been using the Development Reading Assessments (DRA) in first period to help establish students' reading levels and to monitor reading progress throughout the year. For more information, you can visit


January starts a new Scholastic Reading Club month! February 27 is the last day to send in any Scholastic book orders. Please use either exact cash or a check written out to Scholastic Reading Club.

The website for ordering Scholastic books is:

The class code for ordering Scholastic books is: NF78L


Answer Keys for Georgia MIlestones Common Core Practice Books

Answer keys for Georgia MIlestones common core practice books are available. If you need them, please email me at Since answer keys are copyrighted materials, please don’t make the copies. You can barrow the answer key booklets and return to me as soon as you get the answers.

6th Grade Math
This week, we will be wrapping up our unit and Unit 4 Test will take place on Friday, 3/13. The study guide was sent home last week on Friday,3/6 and it is also available on Portal-Class Resources page.

5th Grade Math

This week, we will continue our unit - Number and Operations in Base Ten. We've done learning Powers of Ten, Representations of Decimals, Comparing Decimals and Rounding Decimals in this unit. Please make sure your child completes the assignments on Study Island to practice these topics. We've started learning Adding Decimals today and will continue learning with Subtracting Decimals, Multiplying Decimals and Dividing Decimals. I send a packet home as homework after we finish each topic for students to practice everything for Georgia Milestones test in April. Please encourage your child to complete the homework on time.

Study Island

I have some assignments on Study Island. Please make sure your child completes 30 questions on each assignment and demonstrates a mastery of 70% or more. Study Island MAP Learning Path will help your child to reach his/her goal.

Classes with students who finish 15 questions and demonstrate a mastery of 70% or more (blue ribbon on each lesson) in each lesson will be given a pizza party.


Current News
For the week of March 9th through the 13th, we will be underway with our Narrative Writing Unit. I sent home the packets with all due dates for the assignment on 3/6/15. My 2nd period is working on their verbs unit and as we near the review day, I will let you know, as the study guides will be due.

Study Island
I have assignments on Study Island. Please make sure your child completes 30 questions on each assignment and demonstrates a mastery of 70% or more. If you are not able to access these assignments please email me ASAP.

Home Access Center
If you would like to keep up with due dates for this unit, they are all posted a ready on Home Access Center. This will also be a great place to check for NHI's as well and absent work. I post all assignments at the beginning of each unit. I do my best to update grades as often as possible, but sometimes that is only once a week. I appreciate your patience!

Spelling Words
This week's spelling words are posted on Spelling City. Please see the link below under the "Spelling" sections for the link to the page. I update it every Monday, except for those times we have no school on Monday. I also send home definitions and packets for the students to work on for extra practice. These packets are due for a grade every Thursday before the quiz. Our Spelling Quizzes are held on every Friday.
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This week in Social Studies, due to our unexpected days off, we will be taking our chapter 11 test and vocabulary quiz this week. The test is scheduled for Monday, March 2nd and the quiz is scheduled for Tuesday, March 3rd. I have scheduled the quiz to follow the test so that we may begin on the text chapter immediately following.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Enjoy your weekend!


Next week we will have Chapter 6 Test on Tuesday. Students are given a study guide on Thursday. We will check the answers on the study guide on Monday. These are the vocabulary they need to know for this chapter,

*Non vascular Plant
*Vascular Plant

After finishing up this chapter, we will start on our last chapter of the book. This chapter is called Growth and Inheritance. First lesson on the chapter is about how cell division affect growth. These are the vocabulary for this lesson
*Life Cycle

I will start assigning work on Study Island for review. Please make sure students are completing the assigned work.

Chapter 6 Test - March 10th.

Home Visit Program at FSAES

As part of FSAES Home Visit Program, teachers visit students and parents at their home.

Overall goal of home visit is to help strengthen relationships between parents, students and teachers and inform parents & students on how much they care.

We would LOVE to visit our students at home at your convenience.

If you would like to participate, please e-mail me at or FSAES Home Visit Coordinator Ms. Mingus at

Tutoring Reminders

Every week, subject teachers offer tutoring for students that need extra help. Here are a few reminders about tutoring:

-Students are invited by teachers as they see neccessary.

-If you feel your student needs extra practice with a specific topic, please e-mail the subject teacher. This way, when your student comes to tutoring, we will be prepared to help.

-Students need to have something to work on during tutoring, i.e. make-up work/test, missing homework

-If students consistently become too much of a distraction to other students, they will be sent to ASP.

-If students fail to comply, they will be removed from tutoring.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding. We look forward to a great second semester!