Mrs. Garthe's Fantastic First Grade

February 15, 2016

This Week's Lessons

I hope you all are enjoying a nice long Valentine's Day/President's Day weekend. This week we will be continuing on in our unit on American Contributions by learning about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln as well as two important American Symbols: The White House and The Capital.

Writing-Students will publish their opinion piece about why he or she would be a good candidate for president. We will also write about what makes The White House and The Capital important American Symbols.

Reading-Students will read books about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, The White House and The Capital and will practice taking notes by picking out the key details and important information.

Spelling/Phonics- Inflectional Suffix-s (likes, plays, eats, boats, swims, plants)

Sight Words- bring, everything, something, everyone

Math-Topic 10-Students will add with tens and ones. This topic introduces two-digit addition. It is important that students know addition facts through 12 at this point in the school year. Please practice both addition and subtraction facts at home.


Mon-No School-President's Day

Tues-PE, (Please return library books)

Wed-Music, Library




*On Wednesday February 17, we will be participating in the Kids Rights program. Students must have a signed permission slip turned in to participate. Please return this form tomorrow if you haven't already done so. Thank you!

*The deadline for the Six Flags reading program is approaching. Make sure you fill out the orange form that was given out at the beginning of the school year and return it by February 24 to get your free Six Flags ticket.

Important Dates

February 17-Kid's Rights Program

February 18 & 19-Blanket Volunteers-5:30-8:00pm (cafeteria)

February 24-Six Flags Reading Program Deadline

Valentine's Day Exchange! Thanks to everyone for sending in Valentines. We had a great time sharing the love with our fellow classmates.