Save the water

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Have you ever thought about what would happen if we did not conserve water? Water conservation is very important. Three percent of our earth’s water is safe to drink and two of those percents is in glaciers and ice caps. It is too expensive to clean all the salt water and so that is not really an option. The less water we use now days the more there will be to use in the future. Plus saving your water will save you a lot of money. And the shorter your hot shower is it the more money and energy you save. If we use all our water many places will not have enough water and many rivers will be dry. We do not have enough water on this earth to just waste. Not saving our water will eventually affect everyone this planet. It may not seem like it now because you can just go over to your faucet and turn it on and use all the water you want but it is effecting you. But there are ways to save your water some of those ways are you can check all your faucets for leaks. And also make sure you are putting in only full loads into your dishwasher and washing machine.

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Saving water is a good thing. When we save water it saves us money and also it will help our environment a lot we should all be more cautious with our water. We need to save that one percent of our earths drinkable water.


We need to start saving water now if we don’t save water it could lead to many deaths of not having enough water. Rivers will dry up and we might go into drought. This is why saving water is definitely necessary.