Currently the currents are relaxing in the ocean.

Big Ideas I learned

  • When my parents tell me to check the Airport Weather Warning, the warning always says to expect 32 knots of winds. I never understood what knots measured. In the article I learned that one knot on land equals to 1.15 miles per hour.
  • Velocity means the speed and direction. Scientists can use the velocity to measured and recorded.
  • Tides and wind speeds drive the ocean currents in our world.
  • There are three types of general currents in the world. There are surface ocean, coastal, and tidal currents.
  • Tidal currents occur due to the rise and the fall of the tides. Coastal and surface ocean currents occur due to the local wind in the air.

Questions I still have

Do the shift of tectonic plates have to do anything with the level of the currents?

Do currents go in one way all the time or do they change their direction?

How currents affect my daily life

When ships need to import or export goods from our country, they should look at the predicted currents for that day because it would be bad if the ship sails in bad currents. These ships help our economy and make America one of the richest countries in the world.

Thank You!

Made by: Anand Singh

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