Run Run as Fast as You Can

Around the World with the Gingerbread Man

Why did the Gingerbread run?

Have you ever wondered that question? As many times as you might have read or heard this beloved story did you ever ask yourself the question, why did the gingerbread man run? Our kindergartners did. They wanted to know what was he thinking? Why did this Gingerbread man feel the need to run all over the place?

Could the answer simply be that he was board? Our kindergarteners thought so. Through this project our kindergarteners were actively involved in geography and problem solving, as they worked to create a travel plan for this most restless of ginger creatures.

What's in this cookie? (Key Knowledge/CCRS)

Social Studies

6.) Compare cultural similarities and differences in individuals, families, and communities.

Examples: celebrations, food, traditions

8.) Recognize maps, globes, and satellite images.

9.) Differentiate between land forms and bodies of water on maps and globes.

10.) Apply vocabulary related to giving and following directions.

Example: locating objects and places to the right or left, up or down, in or out, above or below

ELA (Speaking and Listening)

31.) Participate in collaborative conversations with diverse partners about kindergarten topics and texts with peers and adults in small and larger groups. [SL.K.1]

36.) Speak audibly and express thoughts, feelings, and ideas clearly. [SL.K.6]

ELA (Writing)

25.) Use a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to compose informative or explanatory texts in which they name what they are writing about and supply some information about the topic. [W.K.2]

28.) With guidance and support from adults, explore a variety of digital tools to produce and publish writing, including in collaboration with peers. [W.K.6]


10.) Design original works using digital tools.

8.) Use digital environments to exchange ideas with individuals or groups.

Examples: other states, other countries

• Producing digital works collaboratively

Examples: developing shared writing projects, creating language experience stories

The Ginger Challenge...Do you accept?

(DQ/Challenge Statement)

After reading The Gingerbread Man our class received a Voki message from the Gingerbread himself! He needed our help. He was tired of running around the farm and was ready to see the world. We needed to help him start his journey and broaden his horizons. He was ready for life outside of the oven, but didn't have a clue on where to start.

The challenge-

Find new and interesting places to explore and help the Gingerbread Man see the world. This was our challenge, and we were more than ready to accept!

Not a Cookie Cutter Bulletin Board (Projects)

After all of our hard work, investigation, and creation, we put together an interactive map for all to enjoy. This tasty treat included a colored and labeled world map, ginger spottings, and QR codes for others to scan . These codes would lead them to a class created Smore board so they could go on their own adventure.

Is it Ready Yet? (Assessment Strategies)

After investigating each country, the students worked with the teacher to create a informational text on things they believed were important for the gingerbread man to see or for others to know. Investigations were also made in Google Images so important images or videos could be saved as well. Class discussions were used as informal assessments and focusing strategies.

After each investigation, the students worked together in a whole group setting to create a smore board for a country. A rubric was used whole group to see if needed information was provided and if the board was entertaining.

Ingredients (Resources)