Protest Movement: Ferguson

Breana Petrocelli

When did it begin?

August 9th, 2014

Who is involved?

The civilians of Ferguson in St. Louis, Missouri and the Ferguson police force.

Why is it happening?

An 18 year old man was shot and killed by a police officer while jaywalking. The town started to protest against the police for killing an unarmed man.

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What impact has this made?

It started a movement against racism in the police force. It has gained a lot of media attention and allowed for people to question authority and realize how unfair some were being treated.

What has worked well?

It has brought the community together to stand for what they believe in.

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What has not worked well?

People took advantage of the situation and used it to try and loot businesses. Police retaliated against the civil protesters and threw tear gas and arrested people for no true reason.

Do they have the right to protest?

I think that they do have the right to protest. We have laws put into place that protect a person's right to peacefully protest. Their rights should not be taken away by the police retaliating and using force against them. I don't think that people should be rioting. It causes chaos and can get people seriously hurt. The people of Ferguson have a right to be angry for what has happened. A man was shot and killed even though he had not committed a crime and was unarmed. His body was left out in the street for hours before anyone did anything with it. The media also tried to paint him as a criminal to try and justify the police's actions. I can see how to them this could be considered a result of racism. Things don't get changed in society if people do not challenge them and I think it's good that they are. Authority can be corrupt and it's up to the people to recognize it and call them out so that change can be made.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is the exploitation and trade of humans. Human trafficking includes forced labor, marriage, sexual slavery, prostitution, removal of organs and other forms of sexual exploitation.

Why it needs to be changed:

This issue needs to be changed because it seriously affects a lot of people’s lives. 800,000 people are trafficked across borders every year. Each year, 1 million children are exploited for commercial sex trade. 50% of transnational victims are children and 80% of them are women and girls. China, Uganda, Bangladesh and Haiti are just some of the countries that have high levels of human trafficking. America experiences this too as 244,000 American children were at risk for sexual exploitation in 2000. In 1999, a girl was taken from an orphanage in Haiti and was smuggled into Miami. She was forced to work as a servant for up to 15 hours daily, seven days a week. She was given no pay, was denied access to education and was beaten. She escaped in 2005 after suffering for six years. This is just one example of human trafficking and how it is crossed into America. These numbers are too high and should be eliminated.

Department of Health and Human Services Office of Refugee Resettlement


Telephone: +1 202 693 4770

Fax: +1 202 693 4780

This agency provides victims of human trafficking with social, legal and medical services. They help give them access to food, and healthcare and assist them in employment issues. Victims of human trafficking in America that are non-citizens are eligible for benefits and services that other refugees in the US are eligible for too. This agency helps victims connect with other organizations that can counsel them and specifically address their needs. They also provide grants to other organizations that can give direct services to victims. They have awarded over 8 million dollars in grants to organizations focused on helping victims of human trafficking.

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National Human Trafficking Resources Center



This agency is a national hotline and resource center for victims and survivors seeking help and services. They report potential human trafficking tips to law enforcement. This is really important because it is a resource that people can go to if they know someone in a dangerous situation and it can help eradicate the issue case by case.
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The Asia Foundation


Tel: 1-202-588-9420

Fax: 1-202-588-9409

This organization aims to prevent violence and human trafficking of mainly women and children. They address the issue of human trafficking through research, education, legal aid, and by advocating legal rights and coordinating ways to bring cross border traffickers to justice. This foundation has also executed programs in not only Asia, but in Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, The Philippines, and Nepal.

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