WMS Library March 2016

March Madness

March was an amazing month. Students checked out over 3800 books, and placed 175 holds. Woohoo! Students also participated in tech challenges and teachers checked out books for various projects. Remember the library is always willing to pull books you might need for upcoming research projects. Here are some stats, videos and pictures of March happenings as well as future happenings. Thanks to all the teachers who make it down here (even if it is just to chat).

March Checkouts/Holds

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What else happened in March?

Over 1200 Students visited the library (not including classes)

43 Students participated in Teen Tech Week Bingo

Lessons taught on research using databases and STEM challenges

Marshmallow Launching in the Library

Marshmallow launching

What's Next?

I'm so excited to announce that we will have Breakout Edu kits in the library (I will have two). If you aren't familiar with Breakout Edu, it is a lot like the Escape the Room games that have become really popular (and the game 7R played on the last reward day). I will also attach a quick video you can watch that explains the process. If anyone is interested in playing a Breakout Edu game, let me know, so we can plan a day for your class to come. The Breakout Edu website has quite a few games already created, many that already connect to various subject areas. Let me know if you are interested in learning more about Breakout Edu!
Introducing Breakout EDU


Our Makerspace has now become the STEM Lab. We are adding more and more STEM related materials and kits everyday. We now have Marble Run Kits and Snap Circuits: Electronic Discovery Kits. I ordered plenty for classes to come down and build in groups. I also have quite a few STEM challenges students can play. If at any time you are interested in scheduling the STEM lab, let Michele or myself know.