Zombie Valentine's Shoot

Best. Gift. Ever.

Want to be the best significant other EVER?

Forget flowers and chocolates this year...be the best boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/friend EVER and book a zombie love shoot for a gift! Does your husband watch every single zombie movie/walking dead episode religiously? Is your best friend's favorite phrase "braaaaiiins"? This MAY be your unique solution to Vday or anniversary gifts this year!

If a zombie apocalypse happened, I'd eat your brains first.

What does my zombie shoot include??

For only $300 you get the following:

  1. Makeup done by an FX artist (you choose gory zombie or need to get some sun zombie)
  2. 30 minutes of photography time, we collaborate on your vision 100% on anything from locations to props...we could find you some victims if you're so inclined. ;)
  3. 20 digital files, edited to look creepy and lovey dovey at the same time. How? Because zombie love, that's why!
  4. Cupcakes...because what zombie doesn't love cupcakes?