How do you write a theme statement

By: Jorge Gallegos

What is a theme statement?

A theme statement is a sentence that expresses the general idea that the author is trying to convey about their subject through their text

What is a statement has to have in order to be considered a theme statement?

  1. A statement has to show the connection between the theme and the text or a larger meaning
  2. A statement can and could include an example relating the characters to the theme

Do's and Dont's


  • Express the theme in your own words
  • Draw a general insight from a characters behavior
  • Express the theme as insight into life
  • Express the theme as a general comment on a subject


  • Express the theme as a subject or topic
  • Refer to specific characters in a thematic statement
  • Express the theme as a moral
  • Express the theme as an adage or familiar saying

What are the steps of writing a theme statement?

  1. Read and analyze text
  2. Identify at least 3 big ideas evident in the text
  3. After combining big ideas where appropriate and write a complete sentence identifying what idea the author is conveying about each big idea


Antonio love for his friends is so strong that he offers to go into debt to help him. This is significant because it will mean borrowing money from Shylock at usance and something that Antonio is morally and ethically against. He is willing to set aside his beliefs in order to aid his friend.