By Raina Telgemeier

Book 1: Kristy's great idea

Kristy Thomas had a great idea to start a baby sisters club. She got her friend Claudia Kishi to be vice president and Mary Anne Spier one of her friends to be secretary. And a girl that had just moved to town her name was Stacey Mcgill who is treasure. They started the new club and were doing good but Kristy's dad and mom got divorced. She lives with her mom but can not get use to not having her dad with her. One day they got a call from Watson the man who dating her mom he need a baby sitter no one can come to him they were full So Kristy had to go and soon she like Watson.

Book 2: The truth about Stacey

Stacey Mcgill has Diabetes. She just move from New York she love it there, she had lot of friends and stuff to do, she fell one day at school and found out she had Diabetes. Claudia had told the girls about her then ask her to join. She lived with her mom and dad. They were a little over concerned. So Stacey book her own appointment with a doter that she wanted. He said she wants for her appointments in her hands. And then her mom and dad let her do what she wanted to do. She and all her friend were happy that she got what needed.